Friday, May 16, 2008

My fur Kids Lucky, Shadow and Kayla

As I mentioned in yesterdays post here is a little bit more about my three fur babies and a few pictures.

Lucky is my 15 year old black and white cat. She was rescued by me at 5 weeks old in a box in the middle of the road. She is a very short and stout cat with a personality of a tough alley cat one minute and other times she can be this sweet loving lap cat. Very much like a normal cat I suppose.

Shadow is a black lab that is 10 years old. He was rescued at the age of 3 months. He was left to defend for himself until I took him in from a friend. When I first brought him home I should have named him nightmare. He was the most, well lets just say the most ----- dog I have ever seen. We worked together and now have a very strong bond between us. His personality is the most loving and playful boy. He likes everyone. When I have visitors come over he thinks they are coming to see him. He is just a big ham.

Kayla is a Basset/Beagle mix that is 2 1/2 years old. I adopted her from a local animal shelter at 9 weeks old. If I knew then what I know now about how this little girl was going to be. I would not have changed a thing. Her personality is one in a million and the strangest dog I have ever seen, if she even is a dog. What I mean by that is she is a mini hoover vacuum cleaner as well as part goat. She eats anything and I do mean anything. I have to watch her with eyes in the back of my head. Now that that was said when I post about her again in the future you will understand. I think I should also say that she is very vocal. She likes to tell you all about it in many of her different tones of barks, howls and snorts. There is never a dull moment in my house when it comes to her. Of course she has to involve the other two as well in many of her little adventures.

Which this brings me to last night.

I was taking a walk around my back yard which I call yard patrol to see what Kayla could find to eat or get into. I was walking up by one of my trees when I say something jump. It was a toad. So I picked the little guy up and thought I would see what shadow and Kayla would do with this toad. Well Shadow just sniffed and walked off, no interest to him at all. I held the little toad out to Kayla in my hand, and I never thought that this would happen (remember what I said she wants to eat anything) well she was afraid of the thing. She just backed up away from my hand like the toad was going to eat her up. He jumped out of my hand and she again just backed up, did not want any part of that Toad. I just laughed, because she is a goofy little thing, you will never be able to guess what she is going to do. Well I let the little Toad go back by my tree to be happy catching bugs. I knew if was going to be safe for him because neither dog will bother him now.

Well this is just a a few things about my fur kids. I will be writing more because as I said every day is adventure with these three.

I also want to add that without them my life, heart and house there would be a very empty hole. They are all a very big part of me. I know that there time is limited so I do Cherish every moment with them. We have been through the good, bad, ugly, sad, scary and happy moments. That is what makes them all very special in there own way.

Bye for now.

I will post my new bear making adventures this weekend. I am excited about using that new faux fur I bought earlier this week.

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