Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jingles on ebay

Hi all,
Please met Jingles. He is one of Santa's little helpers. He is made from Antique Curry 3/4" Medium density Mohair with a curly finish.

He is now posted on ebay for 3 days only.

Please stop by and take a peek.
Puppy kisses and bear hugs.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Snow of 2009

Well we just had our first accumulating snow fall for 2009. I just finished shoveling my drive way and thought I would take a few photos. It looks like in my area we only got about maybe 4" of the white stuff and now it is really cold about 11 degrees out side now. At least the sun is shinning.

This is my house. I just finished shoveling out the drive way. Oh what fun that was !!!! Oh by the way my house is bigger than this looks, my evergreen tree to the left covers that side of the house. I should have stood out in the street to get a better view.

These are Yucca plants in my neighbors yard. They look pretty with the snow on them.

These geese just happen to fly by while I was out front. They said they had enough of the cold so off to the south they go.

This is my boy Shadow out in the back playing in the snow. This is the only time when it gets dark out side that I can see where he is in the yard. LOL

Here is Shadow and Kayla. They were playing in the snow before, but Kayla is too fast to take a photo when she is running around the yard. Those crazy dogs!!!!!!!!!

I hope to take some night photos of my Christmas lights outside. They are going to look pretty with the snow out there.
Talk with everyone soon.
Puppy kisses and bear hugs,

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blog Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just noticed that I have been blogging now for 1 year. So in celebration I am having a blog give away. I have been designing and working on something new. Annie Dolls!!!!!

So I am giving away this cute little "I love puppies" Annie. She is 12" tall and is wearing a red dress with paw prints on it. Her little pin is a black and white puppy button. She has brown eyes and brown hair. She is made from tea dyed muslin.

So Please leave a comment below and I will be drawing the winners name on October 25th. Which happens to be my Birthday as well.

Good luck!!!!

Puppy kisses and bear hugs


PS I have listed more Annie dolls on ebay. Please take a peek.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shame on me......

for not posting for so long.

There has been quit a lot going around here. First off I was let go from my job at the end of May due to down sizing. So all kinds of emotions have been going through my head. I know a lot of you are out there going through the same thing so you understand what I mean. I know things happen for a reason and God has a plan in mind for me. I do know that he will see me through this and it will all work out for the best.

I have been and still am looking for a new job. It has not been an easy task, but I know that I will get another one. While I am looking for a job I decided to do those little projects around my house that I have been putting off for some time now. As you all know from past post, my wonderful neighbor passed away over a year ago so I have been digging up (with family's permission) some of her flowers for my garden. I am here to tell you I am still digging up flowers. I know I will have to get what I want and soon. It is getting a little chilly here at night and they will soon be fading away for winter. Also her family has put her house on the market so if it sells I will not be able to get any more.
I have also put some lattice around the bottom of my deck so Kayla ( my basset/beagle) wont be able to get under it anymore. Well right......... The little stinker has already broke it and is able to get under the deck. It only took her a week to figure that one out. I did a temporary fix, but guess who figured that out as well. So now I have to redo one whole side again and then try and figure out how to keep her from breaking it again. She is such a stinker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also have been wanting to take out my small pond for over 2 years. Well I did that too.
So I have been moving right along with outdoor projects. Mainly to keep my mind busy while looking for work. As for indoor projects I did some major cleaning out inside my house and had a garage sale. After the sale I painted and fixed one of my spare bedrooms up very nicely. I should have taken a before picture, let me tell you it was a mess. It looks great. I still have a few items left to find new homes for. Now I need to clean up and get rid of more stuff in my other spare room. I think the time is coming up shortly. I am getting really tired of not being able to find anything. It is also my studio and computer room. (even though I work in my living room).

I also got my mojo back for making something. So I made 2 bears and 5 little primitive Annie dolls. They are going to have there debut at the first of October. I think what sparked that was my Mom found a 1928 singer sewing machine at an estate sale for a very good price. (I will post photos of the machine later) So I just had to try that gem out. It worked very well until last weekend. Now I have to figure out what is wrong with it. So in the mean time I have a little hand work to do on my new designed Annie's.
Who knows I might have to make a couple more of them. They are wonderful to design from the pattern to the clothes.

Kayla and I had our dog walk last weekend so I will post a couple of photos from the event. It really was not a good walk this year. Little miss thing (Kayla) had an attitude. I will have that story in a later post.

Well I think I have caught you all up on what has been going on around my little part of the world.

Please keep me in your prayers as I will do for others.

Lots of puppy kisses and bear hugs.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Updates, Updates, Updates !!!!!!!!!!

Well I thought I had better pop in and give everyone a few updates

Kayla update:

Kayla is doing fine. We went to her regular Vets last week for a I am feeling fine chest x-ray and the shocker was that it looked just like all of her other ones when she was sick. How strange is that. Now I am thinking that her lungs are normal too. So now we are back to square one on trying to figure out why she is having the breathing spells. The Vets tell me she is a medical mystery dog. :) I say she is my special little girl!!!!!

Flower update:

Well we have all of the flowers out of the front flower bed of my neighbors yard. Her son has seeded it and it is looking good. Grass is now starting to come up and the front has a bigger yard.
I have started as of this past weekend digging flowers in the back yard. I really don't have to much more to dig up but it should give them a bigger back yard as well. I will post photos of my flower beds later.

My neighbors Estate sale started today which is a little depressing, but I know it has to be done. I did get to go over this past Monday with the family to pick up a few things I saw I wanted. I did get two old trunks and a chest for storing my bear material and needle felting supplies. They are really cool and old. I love antique stuff like that and have been wanting a trunk for storage. Now I have my neighbors which is more sentimental to me. I will have to post photos at a later date.

Computer update:

Well the old saying is all things good or bad comes in threes. Well it did. First I was sick a couple of weeks ago than Kalya got sick and now my computer is sick. It is still being worked on. I will answer all emails from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at my day job from Monday thru Friday until my computer is well and back home.

I will be posting here on my blog but I am unable to update my website at this time.

I think and hope I have caught everyone up on what is going on in my corner of the world.

Until next time,

Puppy kisses and bear hugs,


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My little pup Kayla is sick

Well my little dumpling Kayla was sick last Thursday. I had heard her at 12:30 in the morning sick so I got up to check on her and to clean up when I noticed she was having a hard time breathing. So off to the Emergency Vets we went. Now if you have been following in the past she has done this before and as you all know that the Vets have been saying something is wrong with her heart. In which I keep replying no she is to active and young to have heart problems. I feel in my gut that there is nothing wrong with her Heart. Anyway again he took an x-ray and said that she had an enlarged heart and water on her lungs and gave her a shot and some medicine. I brought her back home and thinking this is going to be a long night. She also has other problems that go along with being able not to breath. They are almost like fainting spells but not. The medicine did not start working until around 4:00 A.M. so I decided to take her to her regular Vet at 7:30. I watched after her until then but seeing my poor little one having these strange attacks is really scary when you do not know what is causing them and know what to do for her to make her comfy. By the time we needed to leave she was doing a little better, but I still wanted her Vet to watch her for the day to see what she was doing. When we got to see him he pretty much said take her to the Heart specialist he could not do anything else for her. Well I was none to happy about that due to the fact that it was about a 45 min drive and she is known for almost passing out and it was raining to boot. So off we went to gather up x-rays and her records for me to take. We left there and of course about 10 minutes away from the place she started to have a spell. I am holding on to her with one hand kind of shaking her and talking to her so she could come out of it. Again very scary!!!!!!!!!

We made it there so her and I checked in and was told if she had another spell to let them know. Of course she did and they came up and took her to the back ASAP. I know it was much better for them to have her back there where they can keep an eye on her. I had spoke to the nurse a couple of times letting me know Kayla was doing fine and she was resting. Finally about 1:00 in the afternoon I got to see the Cardiology Doctor. He had good news and bad of course, but what the good news was that my little Kayla had nothing wrong with her Heart It was NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (To be honest that was really all I heard him say) She also did not have any fluid in her lungs on any of her past x-rays but it was inflammation of some form. That was the bad news he did not know why her lungs were inflamed. He also said that if she was a Cat she would be considered to have Asthma. Well now what........He wants us to run more tests to eliminate any other form of disease.
I have second thoughts about that, because I do believe deep down inside and in my Heart that there is nothing wrong with her. I know she has inflammation in her lungs and I think even though she is a dog she does have some form of Asthma and yes there is something causing it. The Heart doctor gave me some prednisone for when she has another episode. Which again it comes on with out warning at any time of the year. What is very strange is that she now has the Heart Doctor stupped as well as her regular Vet. (I have to laugh inside and say I told you so)

These wonderful doctors do not know Kayla and how she is being what I call her normal, but they are going by what I say and what they see. She is a very active little 3 yr old Basset/Beagle always looking for things to get into too, back talking her Mom (me) very vocal, playing with big Bro Shadow, cruising around the yard, eating anything that she finds inside or out. She even goes non-stop when she is sleeping dreaming away with her legs and feet twitching as if she is running after a squirrel or rabbit.

She is back to her normal now for sure doing all the things I just mentioned above. I really consider her my very Special little one and am not looking at her as being sick or has any crazy disease she is just Kayla!!!!!! Oh don't worry I will have the additional tests done but the Doctor says that she should be OK and we can do them at our leisure. He does want an x-ray of her lungs in her normal state which is a great idea because they would have something to compare to and it might answer a few questions about the inflammation on whether it is always present or not. In the mean time I have checked on the Internet and I have found a few things saying that dogs do get Asthma but it is not common. Anyway I will have to talk to her Vet and see where we go from here. I am also looking around at home and in the yard for anything possible that might trigger her attacks. I am going to start a little journal as well to keep track of what she eats and what I do such as cleaning house and what I use to clean with and so on.... Maybe and hopefully I can find that trigger.

In the mean time she is back to her old self and her Heart is normal in every way!!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing that big old happy dance now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will keep you all posted!!!

Until next time

Puppy kisses and bear hugs,


Monday, May 4, 2009

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers

Well I have been the busy little bee lately. As from my last post I have been digging and planting flowers from my neighbors yard for the past 4 weeks in between the tons of ran we have been getting. I have now filled up 3 of my flower beds (that did not have much in them to start with) in the front yard and still have lots more to dig up and plant. I still have the whole backyard to put them in but it is a wet, muddy mess so I can't do to much with it right now. We are still in for more rain this week (like every other day) UGH!!
There really is not a whole lot left in the one flower bed in the front that my neighbors son wants to get rid of. He wants to plant grass seed and let it go back to being a yard. That is better than what I had thought he wanted to do (like get ride of all of the flowers his Mom had). Believe me she has tons of flowers in the front and back yard. I still have a big bed of Daylilies to dig up and plant that are going in my backyard, but I still have time to get that done before they sell the house.
I do want to say that since my neighbor passed away a year ago that me digging and planting her flowers in my yard gives it very special meaning to me. A sort of a healing process since she has been gone. I look over there every morning as I am leaving for work hoping to see her smiling and waving to me as I leave, but she is not there. I do feel that she is smiling and waving and watching out for me from above and knowing that her lovely flowers will remain in my yard and hers for all to see.
Now if I can be able to keep the dogs from eating and digging up the flowers in the back yard when I get them planted I should have a really good start to a very pretty flower garden around my house.

Until next time,


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've been AWOL

Well I thought it was time to catch you up on what has been going on in my neck of the woods.

First off let me start by saying both dogs Shadow and Kayla and my pretty kitty Lucky are all doing great "knock on wood". Shadow's mouth is all healed up and all medicines are all gone. Kayla has been her little stinker self. You know getting into things like steeling my socks, taking trash out of the trash can and tearing it up. Now days she is dragging things that are under the bed like paper stickers and toys that my niece and nephew when they were younger dropped under there. OK that might tell you that I have not cleaned under that bed in years since my niece is now 15 and my nephew is now 11. LOL I guess with Kayla around who needs to clean it out when she is doing such a great job herself. The only thing is that she keeps getting stuck under there, it is not a very high bed and she well lets just say she does not have that little girlish figure that she should. I mean after all she is a Basset/Beagle mix. So I have to grab them back legs and pull her back out. It is really funning to see!!!!!!!!!! Just get this mental picture in your head of Kayla baying away under the bed trying to reach what ever she is after. Then Mom comes to the rescue and pulls her out just to find out that she is back under there again 10 minutes later doing the same thing. She is a hoot let me tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been cleaning a little here and there, but was side tracked when I needed to get over to my neighbors to dig up her plants so I could plant them in my yard. My neighbor was a great older lady who I really looked up to. She passed away a year ago this past January and I have dearly missed her so. Her kids have been cleaning and going through the house and her son wants to clean up the yard. I mean he wants to mow everything down and turn it back into grass. That is fine but .......... let me start by saying she has a great flower garden. I mean flowers from Spring to fall all over her yard. So the family took the plants that they wanted and gave me permission to dig what I want, but I only have a couple of more weeks "I hope" before they are toast. The weather has not been to great it is either raining or even snowing the past couple of weeks so it has been to wet and cold to dig. Just the thought of all of those flowers that my neighbor has put all that hard work and love into just go by the way side tears me up. I have lived at my house for 15 years and have watched her take so much pride in her flower garden.
I know as soon as it is a little warmer I will start digging again. I will get what I can and hope they will do great in my yard. I know I will have an angel from heaven watching out for them in my new flower gardens.

Back to my Bears:
Here is my newest little bear. Her name is Breena a little fairy bear. She is the smallest bear I have made to date at a height of 9". She is still available at the moment through me so if any one is interested please email me and I will email more photos.

I took a short break from my bears and clay dogs and signed up for a doll class:
This sweet little girl is my first Cloth and Clay doll I made in Jane DesRosier's class on Cloth and Clay dolls.ning.com. I have a link to the site on the right side of my blog.
She is made with paper clay and cloth. I had a great time making her and plan on making a couple more. Also I plan on making a few other different types of dolls in the future so keep checking my blog and website. I might even offer them for sale at a later date. But if anyone is interested in one please contact me.

I think I am caught up for now. I am sure I have more to say but I just can't think of anything at this time.
Please stop by as more fun and exciting things happen on a daily basses in my neck of the woods.
Until next time.
Bear hugs and puppy kisses,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is in the air!!!!!!!!!

and so is Spring Cleaning time.

I have made a very big decision that it is time for some major Spring cleaning. I have so much stuff that I can not find anything I am looking for so in the next couple of weeks or even may be months (LOL) I will be cleaning my house from top to bottom inside and out.

Now this is going to benefit you all as well.

I will be listing a few of my polymer clay items that I made in clay class years ago on ebay at a very low price. I am also going to be listing a few more of my polymer clay dogs too. Again at a very low price. Now don't get to excited I am not retiring from my polymer clay dog sculptures or my Bear and dog soft sculptures I will still work on them in between the cleaning up. Who knows what kind of ideas I might come up with in the process of cleaning. Now with that said. I will start listing items on ebay this Sunday evening so please stop by and see what is for sale on ebay. I will also be listing a few bears in my Artfire studio at the first of April and even a few other surprises too. Now all of the other things that I will not be needing will be put into a Garage sale or the trash. (Maybe I just need to rent a big dumpster and save the trouble of cleaning)LOL

Oh my I do have my work cut out for me don't I. Well it needs to be done and now is as good as time as any.

A major overhaul is coming down and I am very excited to get started. I plan to organize and do a little decorating as well. Of course after the cleaning up is down. Then I get to make a new mess. Oh Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well until next time if I am not buried under a pile of whatever in my house.

Bear hugs and puppy kisses,


Friday, March 13, 2009

Shadow update with Good news

Hi all,

If you have been following me along Shadow my handsome black lab had two teeth pulled last month. Well his mouth had an infection so we have been going back weekly to the Vets. Yesterday was the last visit. I am happy to say the infection is gone and the bump under his chin has gone down as well. It looks like he is back to normal. He even gained another pound he is now up to 70lbs. I am so glad he is better. Doing that Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully he will not need to go back until his regular check up and shots in October.

Now I do have miss Kayla to worry about it is coming up on that time of the year she gets into trouble. If anyone here does not know Kayla is my Basset/Beagle mix. Her little nose gets her into trouble all of the time. As a matter of fact yesterday she had something in that mouth of hers. So I had her bring it to me so I could see what it was. Well she had been over by my big Maple tree peeling off the bark and that is what she was caring around and brought to me. A very lovely piece of bark fresh off the tree. I told her thank you and off inside we went. She brings me presents all of the time. I am so glad that I have taught her to bring things to me and drop them in my hand. I will say sometimes the things she does bring you do not want them in your hand at all. Now let your imagination take over on what some of those things might be. UGH!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more!!!!!!!!!!

Now if we can all get through this summer with out any trips to the Vets I will be on cloud nine.

Until next time,

Bear hugs and puppy kisses,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bear Swap

I have been keeping a little surprise from you all, LOL

A while back I had entered a bear swap from a wonderful forum I belong to called Teddy-Talk that was organized by Peta of Wazza Bears.

Well I just received my little bear this past Saturday. All I can say is what a wonderful little girl she is. My very first Artist bear OMG!!!! Doing the HAPPY DANCE now. She is made by a wonderful lady and new friend Sue Pemblington of FenBeary Folk. I can not say enough about this little one or Sue. It was a great experience and I will be taking part in future Bear Swaps.

Well here is a photo of my new and very first Artist Bear!!! Her name is Fidget Elfwand and is made from a peach/pink mohair. Is she not the cutest little thing!!!!!!! I just long her wings.

Of course what is there not to love about this little girl.

Please stop by Sue's website and take a peek at all of her wonderful bears. Believe me you will not be disappointed. Her link is above and will be adding it to my website and I have her blog site posted here on my blog.

Now here is my Panda bear that I sent to Sue. His name is Shaiming which means "Sunshine". He brought Sue something a little extra with him as well. A little wooden box with a necklace that I had made tucked inside.

This was Sue's first Artist bear as well so I am delighted to say that she is very pleased. She had written me that Shaiming sits proudly among her Steiff's. Which is a great honor for me.

Sue has been the perfect swap partner and I am looking forward to our new friendship.
We both have our very first artist bears and I must say it is a great start to a growing collection.
I would like to thank Peta for setting this up she did a wonderful job. Please take a peek at the other artist bears for the swap on Teddy-Talk. They are all wonderful.
Thank you again Sue.
Bear hugs and puppy kisses

Friday, March 6, 2009

update for Shadow 3-5-09

Well all Shadow had his check up yesterday at the Vets. She said that his mouth looked really good and that he does not need to take any more antibiotics. She does want to see him again next Thursday since he is going to be off the medicine. What a great big sigh of relief for me. He still has the bump under his chin, but it could be from the scare tissue and it is just taking a little longer for that to heal or it may never go away. Oh and he did gain 1 lb. Just a note: he weighed 83 pounds last September and had dropped down to 67 lbs from those nasty bad teeth. So with him gaining the pound I was quite happy. I think he needs to put on just a couple of more though.

All in all I have my great big lovable happy boy back to normal.

Until next time

Big bear hugs and sloppy doggie kisses,


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update on Shadow

Hi all,

Well two weeks have just flown by and Shadow has finished all of his antibiotics. He went to see the Vet this afternoon. The poor boy still has a swollen jaw but she had said it was much better than before. It is not near as swollen as it was or as big. I will have to agree. He was feeling pretty good this morning. All full of energy. I do not think I have seen that much energy out of him in months. Anyway we have another weeks worth of antibiotics and then we go for another visit. I hope this will be the last time. I am glad it was not as serious as it could have been but it is an infection which is also not a good thing either. We are going to take it a day at a time. I think he is now finally on the mend. ***I am crossing my fingers****

I will update next week after are visit.

Talk with you all soon.
Have a wonderful evening and a good day tomorrow.

Bear hugs and puppy kisses.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old family photo

Just thought I would pop by and share one of my favorite old family photos. This little girl is my great grandfathers niece. OK so what is the deal about this photo. Well when I first saw it I almost passed out. I look just like this little girl at her age. This was so crazy!!!!! Even being older now you can still see that there is a resemblance between us.
The sad thing is I can not find out anything about her other than what I had mentioned before. I do know her name which is written on the back of the photo but that is it.

I just love the little dolls in the buggy and the dogs well I think they are fantastic. Look how well behaved they are and the bows around there neck how cool is that. I am not sure what breed of dogs they are so if anyone has a clue please let me know.

I love to look at our old family photos there is such a wonderful charm about them.

Well until next time,

Many bear hugs and puppy kisses!!!


Monday, February 23, 2009

PET Peeve

First off let me start by saying that I am not trying to offend anyone. I am one of millions who love animals and would take them all in if I could, but letting dogs and cats run loose or dumped in the city on a busy street is a pet peeve that I just can not understand. Don't get me wrong I have picked up a few strays and found out who the belonged to and took them home. I am sure that I will pick up a few more in my life. As a matter of fact I have two myself one is Shadow and the other is my 16 year old cat Lucky. But when my dogs are in there own fenced in yard minding there own business and a stray dog or cat comes along well I get a little peeved.

This past Saturday my two dogs Shadow and Kayla were out side barking away at who knows what so I went to check it out and what I saw just made a knot in my stomach. There was a large dog running around in my neighbors back yard. Now the thing is Shadow is quite the protective type of dog and he has been attacked by two dogs before so you can pretty much visualize what was in my head and that is not what I wanted to happen. I was in no mood to go to the hospital myself or take the dogs to the emergency vets for being hurt. I went outside and without making a sound (can you believe that) I went up and grabbed Shadow's collar. I walked him back to the house hoping that Kayla was a good girl and follow I turned around after I let Shadow in the house and saw that Kayla was following along. I had no sooner shut the back door and the dog jumped over my fence and into my yard. Well I called animal controls emergency number (well what I thought was there number) only to find out that I had called our local police dept. I have done this before when I had no water so I called the emergency number on the back of my water bill which turned out to be the local police dept. A lesson learned is that I know that you do not call any local emergency number on any of my bills because I will get my local police Dept. This is what I would call a brain fart. LOL The dispatcher was very nice and did put the call to animal control for me. Well I did see them out looking. But they did not see anything. I thought I was safe so my two wanted out again, I did let them out one at a time to do there business as I stood guard. I know sooner come back in closed the door and the dog was back in my yard again. I called and left a message with animal control. They called me back 30 minutes later and said is the dog still in my yard, well no it was not. I told the gal on the phone my concern was that there are young kids and smaller dogs in this area and that not knowing the dog or the temperament I was concerned for everyone and all of the dogs safety. I live by a very busy street so I did not want the dog to get hit either. After the third time of seeing and having the unwanted friend in my yard I was at the Animal controls mercy. I know they can't stand outside my house looking for a dog, but I watched for over 2 hours and it kept coming back. I called back animal control to see if any one else had called missing the dog or seeing it but no one ever did. By the time it was starting to get dark I got a little bit more nervous. Now I had to deal with my black dog and the stray dog being a dark color and what light I did have coming from my back porch light I was scared I must say. I stood guard when ever my two were out but did not see our new visitor. The dog has not come back I checked off and on yesterday as my dogs were outside and never saw it.

Now I know a few of you are asking why did you not pick up the dog? Well I had gone out side and peeked around my house as the dog was in the neighbors back yard barking and when it saw me it stated to bark at me. I am not afraid of any dog large or small and I am not afraid of any particular breed of dog either but my inner voice was telling me that this dog was confused, scared and lost. The light when on in my head and said do not bother, this is not a good sign to go after this dog. I am sure that this dog was nice just like mine are, but there comes a time that you have to admit that your dog and yes even mine can do harm.

I know that the other question is why did I even bother calling Animal control? Well I look at it this way. This is someones pet I would hope that if my two got out that someone would be kind enough to pick them up or call animal control. I also do not want to see any ones dog or cat hit by a car.

I try to be a very responsible pet owner myself all of my babies have also been fixed. I know that most people are taking care of there animals but that few that just do not care are why I get peeved.

Again I do want to say that I do love all dogs and cats. I do know that it is not there fault they are running loose or dumped. They are such angels and do not deserve to be treated the way they are and again I wish I could have them all.

As a happy ending to my story no one went to the hospital. I do hope that the sweet vistor did find her way home.

Bear hugs and puppy kisses,

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shadow and Kayla

Hi all,

Just thought I would pop in and show off my two trouble makers. (not really I'm just kidding)

Shadow is to the right and looking like the dapper old gentleman that he is and kayla little miss Prissy down and on the left (yes you have to look down as she is half the size of her big bo). This picture reminds me of me and my Brother and I really have to laugh because my brother is over 6' and I am just little over 5'. The only thing is I am older than my brother so my nephew still thinks because I am shorter then I am younger than he is. What a great nephew I have. LOL!
I know that has nothing to do with Shadow and Kayla right.

This is looking up on my very messy deck. I have a lot of things stored up there for the winter. I hope by the end of March I can put things back out. I am so ready for Spring!!!!!!!!!

Yes this is the classic AHHRRROOOOOO!!!!!! from Kayla. She is very much letting me know that it was time to get that cookie I had in my hand. Shadow is just waiting like a true champ.

And here is Kalya looking at the kids playing ball in the yard behind my neighbors. Yes her little bottom is sitting on the step above.

They are just so much fun and they are really a joy to have in my life.
Talk with you all soon,
Bear hugs and puppy kisses,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The sick pups continued part 2

Here we go again with one sick dog, my big boy Shadow. I noticed the other day that his lower jaw was swollen where he had his teeth pulled. I just happened to be home on Monday due to President's Day so I called the Vets. They said bring him in for a check. Well I was none to happy about that mainly because I am really tired of going there for reasons that this should not have happened in the first place. :( I know sometimes things happen, but good grief. She (the Vet) checked him out and said he has a swollen jaw DUH!!!!!!! That was why I bought him in. She then sent us home with an antibiotic which by the way must be made of gold because it was $100.00. It was nice that she did not charge for the office visit though. When the medicine is gone she wants to see him again which is about 2 weeks. Yes I do sound like I am a little miffed. To be honest yes I am. PLEASE PLEASE do not get me wrong Shadow, Kayla and Lucky mean the world to me after all they are my fur kids and yes they are spoiled rotten to the core. They keep me going everyday and they do come first.
What is really kind of funny is I just have to walk in the Vets and they know who I am, don't have to say a word. They have been good to both Shadow and Kayla, but sometimes I think they should do more. Oh I guess I should say that Lucky my 16 year old cat is the only one in the house hold that is not sick. She very rarely does get sick. She is like a Timex she takes a lick'n and keeps on tick'n. LOL

I am so sorry about my little fit about the Vets. I just want my dogs and cat to be as healthy and happy as possible. It is really not fair to them to have to keep getting poked and prodded all of the time. I would much rather it be me.

I will keep you all posted.
Until then,

Bear hugs and doggie kisses,


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Bears for 2009

Hi all,

Well here are the first two new bears for 2009. I have really enjoyed making these two little ones.

Please meet Oliver, he is made from a golden brown mohair and stands at 13" high.

Please meet Susie she is made from a sparse cream with brown tipped Mohair and stands at 11" high.
They are both available until this Sunday evening on ebay. There links are below. Please stop by and have a look.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time to catch up!!!!!! UPDATE 2-10-09

Well since my last post a lot has been going on. As you all know by now Shadow is doing well after having 2 of his teeth removed.

I have finally got my new Internet service up and running.

The bad news is last Friday my little Kayla girl got sick and I was sick as well. I took her to the vets Friday because she was not breathing very well. Well the x-rays told us she had some fluid on her lungs. OK now let me explain, Kayla is a one of a kind dog if there is something she can get into or catch she does. She has had this before like last January. So far she has bounced back with the antibiotics that she is taking. The only question is what is causing this to happen now for the second year in a row. The doctors do not hear a heart murmur or indicate that it could be caused by her heart which is a good thing. So the mystery is ..................................going to be just that a mystery.

She also gets at least twice a year in the summer an intestinal infection. We take our meds for that and all is well. Again here is another mystery. I have had blood tests and a few other tests done on her. They all check out normal. OK normal she is not, but very SPECIAL she is :). I feel that if all her test come back as normal and she is happy and in no pain then we can live with a few road bumps. I still do have that question to as "Why is she getting sick?" in the back of my head. There has to be something wrong somewhere right??? but then again as some people and other animals maybe it is just how things are going to be. What is most important is that she is doing great we go back to the Vets this Friday so he can take another x-ray and hope that her lungs are all clear.

Please if any one has any suggestions or comments I would love to hear them.

Will keep you posted,

Until next time,

UPDATE 2-10-09

Well Kayla went to see her Vet last Friday and all looked good. He said he does not hear a Heart Murmur. Good News!!!!!!!
She was feeling still a little under the weather Sunday, but oh boy yesterday she was back to her old self. Just like a little kid into everything. All you could hear is me say Kayla leave the cat alone, stay out of the trash, you don't need another cookie, stay out from under neath the deck, I think you get the picture. And then all of that back talk (which is multiple bays and howls and barks) which was music to my ears!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time

Hugs and Kisses
Sheryl, Shadow, Kayla and Lucky

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm the worried Dog Mommmy UPDATE!!!!

Well off to the Vets office................

Well it was a not so wonderful Monday for me to start out.

Last Friday after coming home from work I noticed my Basset/Beagle Kayla was trying to eat something like she normally does ( my little hoover vacuum) so I got it away from her to see that it was my Lab Shadow's tooth that had been split off. I watched him all weekend and decided to call to make an appointment for him to see the Vet tomorrow, but looking at him this morning I thought it would be best to get him in today. Being that he is 11 years old I did not want an infection to set in. I had the worst time leaving him at the Vets. I know what a big baby I am. Well the truth of the matter is is that he is my baby boy and the first dog I have had of my own since moving out of my parents house well over 20 years ago. I do not have any kids but my fur kids so the mother hen that I am I worry all the time about them. So the tears started to roll down my cheeks as soon as I was in the car driving to work. All kinds of things roll through my head like, does he have something else wrong, is it going to bad news, you know anything bad comes in mind and you think it. I am sure I am not along about this. So then my mind went to Kayla Oh my goodness she hates to be left by herself so there is the guilt in leaving her as well. Again there is that mother hen business again. I will have to say that when the dogs are sick I do get them taken care of as soon as possible. Kayla was sick over a week ago so off to the Vets with her. They are both in good health except the allergies and a few other minor strange illnesses that are curable with meds. I do thank God for that. I want them to live long happy lives.

Well the Vet called and said Shadow's blood work looked really great and that we decided to get them teeth cleaned and if any of them needed to be pulled that would be done as well. I pick him up on my way home from work. Happy days!!!!!!! I think more for me than Shadow. I am sure all he will want to do is sleep. On the other hand Kayla is really going to give me an ear full for leaving her all day by herself. She is one of the most vocal dogs I have ever seen and believe me when I say she will let me here about it AHHRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Well that is just a day in my life with my dogs. Never a dull moment.
That is what makes life full of fun along with a few tears.

Until next time


Well the Vets decided they wanted to keep my Shadow overnight. So today after work I can go and get him.
It was not easy leaving him there, but I want to make sure just like the Doctors that he is OK.

Kayla on the other hand was not happy with me leaving her alone or not having her big brother Shadow at home. She is a little better today a little sad I think, but she is just fine.
We will all be back to normal this afternoon.

Until later,


UPDATE 2-2-09
Well it has now been a week since Shadow's teeth have been cleaned and 2 teeth pulled. He is doing great. He is eating much better and is now wanting to play which is more like his normal self. I do think the missing teeth are a bit of a bother, but I know he will get used to that.
I am glad the have my big boy back to normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs to all,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New email address

Hi all

Just an update about my Internet connection.

Still having problems getting my Internet connected I am hoping the issue will be resolved today but if not I will be without my Internet at home until January 28th. I do have an email address that is temp for now but can only check it when I am at my work Monday - Friday.

If anyone is trying to get in contact with me through my website I do apologize that I did not have time to update my contact information before I had it disconnected.

Please go ahead and email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

My temp email is

Again I will update my website as soon as I have a connection.

Thanks in advance,


Friday, January 2, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,

I just wanted to drop in and say a very Happy New Year to everyone and to let you in on what I have planned for the new year.

First off I will be updating my Internet service at the first of February. I will keep everyone informed about that, due to the fact that I am sure I will be getting a new email address.

Second I have some new venues I will be selling my items on. I will still be on ebay and you can always find items on my website. I will now be selling on Artfire and bid for bears as well as a few things on Etsy. As you all know I am most well known for my polymer clay dogs so these little guys will just appear on one or two sites only. My needle felted dogs and soft sculpted mohair and plush fur bears may appear on the other sites. One thing is for sure all sites will be linked to my website and here on my blog. You will be able to find me no matter what.

Third thing is I will have all new designs for 2009 like I always have done in the past. All of my designs whether it be polymer clay, needle felted or soft sculptures are original one of a kind items. No two will ever be alike. They are made by me from start to finish. I will also be taking custom orders for polymer clay and needle felted dogs. Please email me for more details on custom orders.

Fourth I plan on a major face lift for my website. I think a new look for the new year is in order. I know that this will take a little while to get done due to the list above and me working a full time job but I have a lot of ambition.

Well with all of that said I had better get busy and get things rolling. I will be listing a few items on ebay this Sunday (internet access willing to work) that is.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2009 year.