Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update on Shadow

Hi all,

Well two weeks have just flown by and Shadow has finished all of his antibiotics. He went to see the Vet this afternoon. The poor boy still has a swollen jaw but she had said it was much better than before. It is not near as swollen as it was or as big. I will have to agree. He was feeling pretty good this morning. All full of energy. I do not think I have seen that much energy out of him in months. Anyway we have another weeks worth of antibiotics and then we go for another visit. I hope this will be the last time. I am glad it was not as serious as it could have been but it is an infection which is also not a good thing either. We are going to take it a day at a time. I think he is now finally on the mend. ***I am crossing my fingers****

I will update next week after are visit.

Talk with you all soon.
Have a wonderful evening and a good day tomorrow.

Bear hugs and puppy kisses.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old family photo

Just thought I would pop by and share one of my favorite old family photos. This little girl is my great grandfathers niece. OK so what is the deal about this photo. Well when I first saw it I almost passed out. I look just like this little girl at her age. This was so crazy!!!!! Even being older now you can still see that there is a resemblance between us.
The sad thing is I can not find out anything about her other than what I had mentioned before. I do know her name which is written on the back of the photo but that is it.

I just love the little dolls in the buggy and the dogs well I think they are fantastic. Look how well behaved they are and the bows around there neck how cool is that. I am not sure what breed of dogs they are so if anyone has a clue please let me know.

I love to look at our old family photos there is such a wonderful charm about them.

Well until next time,

Many bear hugs and puppy kisses!!!


Monday, February 23, 2009

PET Peeve

First off let me start by saying that I am not trying to offend anyone. I am one of millions who love animals and would take them all in if I could, but letting dogs and cats run loose or dumped in the city on a busy street is a pet peeve that I just can not understand. Don't get me wrong I have picked up a few strays and found out who the belonged to and took them home. I am sure that I will pick up a few more in my life. As a matter of fact I have two myself one is Shadow and the other is my 16 year old cat Lucky. But when my dogs are in there own fenced in yard minding there own business and a stray dog or cat comes along well I get a little peeved.

This past Saturday my two dogs Shadow and Kayla were out side barking away at who knows what so I went to check it out and what I saw just made a knot in my stomach. There was a large dog running around in my neighbors back yard. Now the thing is Shadow is quite the protective type of dog and he has been attacked by two dogs before so you can pretty much visualize what was in my head and that is not what I wanted to happen. I was in no mood to go to the hospital myself or take the dogs to the emergency vets for being hurt. I went outside and without making a sound (can you believe that) I went up and grabbed Shadow's collar. I walked him back to the house hoping that Kayla was a good girl and follow I turned around after I let Shadow in the house and saw that Kayla was following along. I had no sooner shut the back door and the dog jumped over my fence and into my yard. Well I called animal controls emergency number (well what I thought was there number) only to find out that I had called our local police dept. I have done this before when I had no water so I called the emergency number on the back of my water bill which turned out to be the local police dept. A lesson learned is that I know that you do not call any local emergency number on any of my bills because I will get my local police Dept. This is what I would call a brain fart. LOL The dispatcher was very nice and did put the call to animal control for me. Well I did see them out looking. But they did not see anything. I thought I was safe so my two wanted out again, I did let them out one at a time to do there business as I stood guard. I know sooner come back in closed the door and the dog was back in my yard again. I called and left a message with animal control. They called me back 30 minutes later and said is the dog still in my yard, well no it was not. I told the gal on the phone my concern was that there are young kids and smaller dogs in this area and that not knowing the dog or the temperament I was concerned for everyone and all of the dogs safety. I live by a very busy street so I did not want the dog to get hit either. After the third time of seeing and having the unwanted friend in my yard I was at the Animal controls mercy. I know they can't stand outside my house looking for a dog, but I watched for over 2 hours and it kept coming back. I called back animal control to see if any one else had called missing the dog or seeing it but no one ever did. By the time it was starting to get dark I got a little bit more nervous. Now I had to deal with my black dog and the stray dog being a dark color and what light I did have coming from my back porch light I was scared I must say. I stood guard when ever my two were out but did not see our new visitor. The dog has not come back I checked off and on yesterday as my dogs were outside and never saw it.

Now I know a few of you are asking why did you not pick up the dog? Well I had gone out side and peeked around my house as the dog was in the neighbors back yard barking and when it saw me it stated to bark at me. I am not afraid of any dog large or small and I am not afraid of any particular breed of dog either but my inner voice was telling me that this dog was confused, scared and lost. The light when on in my head and said do not bother, this is not a good sign to go after this dog. I am sure that this dog was nice just like mine are, but there comes a time that you have to admit that your dog and yes even mine can do harm.

I know that the other question is why did I even bother calling Animal control? Well I look at it this way. This is someones pet I would hope that if my two got out that someone would be kind enough to pick them up or call animal control. I also do not want to see any ones dog or cat hit by a car.

I try to be a very responsible pet owner myself all of my babies have also been fixed. I know that most people are taking care of there animals but that few that just do not care are why I get peeved.

Again I do want to say that I do love all dogs and cats. I do know that it is not there fault they are running loose or dumped. They are such angels and do not deserve to be treated the way they are and again I wish I could have them all.

As a happy ending to my story no one went to the hospital. I do hope that the sweet vistor did find her way home.

Bear hugs and puppy kisses,

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shadow and Kayla

Hi all,

Just thought I would pop in and show off my two trouble makers. (not really I'm just kidding)

Shadow is to the right and looking like the dapper old gentleman that he is and kayla little miss Prissy down and on the left (yes you have to look down as she is half the size of her big bo). This picture reminds me of me and my Brother and I really have to laugh because my brother is over 6' and I am just little over 5'. The only thing is I am older than my brother so my nephew still thinks because I am shorter then I am younger than he is. What a great nephew I have. LOL!
I know that has nothing to do with Shadow and Kayla right.

This is looking up on my very messy deck. I have a lot of things stored up there for the winter. I hope by the end of March I can put things back out. I am so ready for Spring!!!!!!!!!

Yes this is the classic AHHRRROOOOOO!!!!!! from Kayla. She is very much letting me know that it was time to get that cookie I had in my hand. Shadow is just waiting like a true champ.

And here is Kalya looking at the kids playing ball in the yard behind my neighbors. Yes her little bottom is sitting on the step above.

They are just so much fun and they are really a joy to have in my life.
Talk with you all soon,
Bear hugs and puppy kisses,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The sick pups continued part 2

Here we go again with one sick dog, my big boy Shadow. I noticed the other day that his lower jaw was swollen where he had his teeth pulled. I just happened to be home on Monday due to President's Day so I called the Vets. They said bring him in for a check. Well I was none to happy about that mainly because I am really tired of going there for reasons that this should not have happened in the first place. :( I know sometimes things happen, but good grief. She (the Vet) checked him out and said he has a swollen jaw DUH!!!!!!! That was why I bought him in. She then sent us home with an antibiotic which by the way must be made of gold because it was $100.00. It was nice that she did not charge for the office visit though. When the medicine is gone she wants to see him again which is about 2 weeks. Yes I do sound like I am a little miffed. To be honest yes I am. PLEASE PLEASE do not get me wrong Shadow, Kayla and Lucky mean the world to me after all they are my fur kids and yes they are spoiled rotten to the core. They keep me going everyday and they do come first.
What is really kind of funny is I just have to walk in the Vets and they know who I am, don't have to say a word. They have been good to both Shadow and Kayla, but sometimes I think they should do more. Oh I guess I should say that Lucky my 16 year old cat is the only one in the house hold that is not sick. She very rarely does get sick. She is like a Timex she takes a lick'n and keeps on tick'n. LOL

I am so sorry about my little fit about the Vets. I just want my dogs and cat to be as healthy and happy as possible. It is really not fair to them to have to keep getting poked and prodded all of the time. I would much rather it be me.

I will keep you all posted.
Until then,

Bear hugs and doggie kisses,


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Bears for 2009

Hi all,

Well here are the first two new bears for 2009. I have really enjoyed making these two little ones.

Please meet Oliver, he is made from a golden brown mohair and stands at 13" high.

Please meet Susie she is made from a sparse cream with brown tipped Mohair and stands at 11" high.
They are both available until this Sunday evening on ebay. There links are below. Please stop by and have a look.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time to catch up!!!!!! UPDATE 2-10-09

Well since my last post a lot has been going on. As you all know by now Shadow is doing well after having 2 of his teeth removed.

I have finally got my new Internet service up and running.

The bad news is last Friday my little Kayla girl got sick and I was sick as well. I took her to the vets Friday because she was not breathing very well. Well the x-rays told us she had some fluid on her lungs. OK now let me explain, Kayla is a one of a kind dog if there is something she can get into or catch she does. She has had this before like last January. So far she has bounced back with the antibiotics that she is taking. The only question is what is causing this to happen now for the second year in a row. The doctors do not hear a heart murmur or indicate that it could be caused by her heart which is a good thing. So the mystery is ..................................going to be just that a mystery.

She also gets at least twice a year in the summer an intestinal infection. We take our meds for that and all is well. Again here is another mystery. I have had blood tests and a few other tests done on her. They all check out normal. OK normal she is not, but very SPECIAL she is :). I feel that if all her test come back as normal and she is happy and in no pain then we can live with a few road bumps. I still do have that question to as "Why is she getting sick?" in the back of my head. There has to be something wrong somewhere right??? but then again as some people and other animals maybe it is just how things are going to be. What is most important is that she is doing great we go back to the Vets this Friday so he can take another x-ray and hope that her lungs are all clear.

Please if any one has any suggestions or comments I would love to hear them.

Will keep you posted,

Until next time,

UPDATE 2-10-09

Well Kayla went to see her Vet last Friday and all looked good. He said he does not hear a Heart Murmur. Good News!!!!!!!
She was feeling still a little under the weather Sunday, but oh boy yesterday she was back to her old self. Just like a little kid into everything. All you could hear is me say Kayla leave the cat alone, stay out of the trash, you don't need another cookie, stay out from under neath the deck, I think you get the picture. And then all of that back talk (which is multiple bays and howls and barks) which was music to my ears!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time

Hugs and Kisses
Sheryl, Shadow, Kayla and Lucky