Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bingle Bears giveaway ----- I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please stop by Bingle Bears blog at for her adorable little mouse giveaway.

I am soooooooooooooooooo excited to be the winner of little Benvolio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much Cheryl!!!!!! It is a honor to have one of your little ones!!!!!!!!


Friday, October 14, 2011

A Stuffed Life is having a blog giveaway

Please stop by A Stuffed Life's blog for a chance to win her wonderful little mouse "Caution"

She will be drawing the winners name on October 25th which just happens to be my birthday!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kayla's 6 years old today!

Happy Birthday Kayla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Shadow, Lucky and Mom

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is Kayla..................

And this is a Bug - (A cicada to be exact)
AND THIS IS.............................................
If you are even a bit squeamish do not read this story.
As many of you know I tell stories about Kayla. Well this one is no different, well maybe a little different. As you all know if you have read my post's in the past I call Kayla my special little girl, one of a kind, unique and so on..................I know get to the point.
Every summer here in Missouri there are Cicadas (locusts) that come out from the ground and climb the trees and come out of there shells (we used to put the shells on our shirts as jewelry when we were kids) and then make the most annoying sounds. Well Kayla being a Basset/Beagle mix a Hound dog or scent hound which ever you prefer. Her natural instincts kick in when these start coming out of the ground to make there way up a tree. My great hound dog hunter goes into action. She searches the yard, trees, bushes, flowers, window sills (yes the bottom of window sills) and any other place she thinks they are hiding for these things. OK now I know what you are saying Big deal so she hunts Cicadas, Well she is not only hunting them just for there good looks!!!! (and by the way I think they are UGLY) NO she has made them her prime targets for outdoor snacks. Yes she eats these things like they are candy. I know she could eat worse things, (yes I could tell you what all she eats, but you can use your imagination) Now I know that in some parts of the world they are well lets just say good to some people and I have nothing against that, but sorry I am not in to eating bugs of any kind.
I know that you are asking are they OK for my dog to eat? They can be harmful to dogs if they eat more than a few of these critters, and I advise you to watch on how many your dog eats as it might upset there tummies and the wings of the Cicadas can get caught in your dogs throat. Check with your dogs Vet and you can check online as well if you have them in your area for more information.

I do not want everyone to worry I have checked with her Doctor and he does know that she eats them and has been for years now. I do watch her very closely and make sure she is not going overboard on her outdoor snacks. I do think it is a bit funny watching her hunt these critters down. Her mind is in one mode and that is get that bug!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure why dogs eat them, maybe they taste good or maybe it is the sound they make, or maybe because they fly but she likes them. I know she is happy and healthy so I don't mind if she wants a few. Besides there is no way I can get to her to get it out of her mouth, it is gone in about a second flat. And it's not like I can build a bubble around my house to keep these things out. They are God's creatures and they are out there for a reason. One is not for Kayla to have her fill of them though.
Oh and yes I have had a couple get into the house before. That is not fun at all for me but Kayla oh my! I am not afraid of any type of bug or animal but I can not stand to have Cicadas, June Bugs (Kayla eats these guys too), Water Bugs or Spiders (Shadow is allergic to them) or any bug for that matter in the house.
So the moral of the story is Kayla likes Cicadas and Me her Mom thinks she is one special Hound dog who brings love, joy and laughs into my life every minute of every day!!!!!
Until next time!!!
Puppy Kisses and Bear Hugs to all,
P. S. Love to my Shadow, Kayla and Lucky

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June blog give away WINNER IS

And the winner is------------------------Katy Cameron!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Katy and thank you to everyone who has entered.

Hi all and Happy June,

Well I have been a little bit busy the past couple of days and have created some pencil drawings. These guys are prints of the original drawings. I have printed them onto small note cards that I will be giving away for June here on my blog. The set includes all 6 drawings below and there envelopes. I have signed and dated them.

The give away will last until June 8th next Wednesday. I will pick a name out of the hat Thursday the 9th and email the winner. Any one can enter no matter where you live!!!!

All you need to do is post a comment here on my blog and make sure you give me the correct email address so I can notify the winner. If you win I will email you to get your shipping address. Good luck to you all on my June blog give away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you wish to purchase the note cards in a set of six your choice of design or all six designs please email me direct at

Puppy Kisses and Bear Hugs,


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Estate Sale Treasures

Well as you all know that I am redoing my Bedroom to Shabby Chic. Well my version of Shabby Chic that is. LOL I have the colors of my room which is Blue with linen white walls.

My mom and I went to a Estate sale last week and found some wonderful treasures for my room that I thought I would share them with you.

Here is what we found! I am so excited. There is some cleaning and re vamping to do but they will be a great addition to the decor.

As you can see from the photo above this is everything we bought and yes I do like old antique vintage things. The older the better and the cheaper the better.

I have had my eyes on a pair of crystal candle holders for quiet sometime now. I lost out on a couple of pairs on ebay, but look what we found and the price you could not beat at a total of $ .50 cents for the pair. We later went to another sale and I found my two blue candles for another $ .50 cents. Total cost for the pair with candles $2.00. A little cleaning to do and this pair will be complete.

This is a wonderful crystal lamp that my Mom had bought first so we just had to go back to this sale which is where the other items came from. I am on a crystal anything binge which in my eyes means old and a little Victorian. With some cleaning and maybe rewiring and a new vintage style lamp shade this lamp will shine in my room. This lamp was only $ .50. I am not sure just how old it is, but it has the look I am going for.

Now I am also on a Fenton Hobnail lamp binge as well. I had one when I was a kid growing up that I broke so I thought I would set out to find one like it. This is not an easy task to do. I did find a single lamp with the base like this one on Ebay for my room. So when we ran across this lamp as well as the lamp in the next photo. I had to have them. I have never seen any hobnail lamps like these. The price well lets just say they were a steal. As far as I know with the research I did they are both original lamps. They need to be cleaned up and maybe new wiring.

I really like the base of this lamp. It is just a bit taller then the other one. Again it is in original condition. Oh and the lights move too. COOL!!!!!!

Now this is my Vanity bench that I also had been looking for. The frame is in great shape and it looks as if the seat had been recovered at one time. I will also clean and recover the seat. A little elbow grease and recovering and this bench will fit right in to my room. Oh and the price was only $2.00.

We did find one more thing and it is a wonderful vintage crystal candy dish, which I have not taken a photo of yet. It also needs to be cleaned up. I am still not sure if I want it in my Bedroom or maybe I will put it in my dinning room.

As you can see I am off to a pretty good start. I had purchased a few other items before these but again I have not taken photos of them yet. You may just have to wait a little longer for the room to be done and all set up with these wonderful treasures.
If anyone knows anything about any of the items above please email me and let me know. If you have any ideas for my new old room let me know that too.
Until next post
Puppy kisses and Bear hugs,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March updates and New News!!!!

Well since my last post a lot has gone on so now it is time for a Update and also some new this post is going to be a bit long bear with me please.


Diet Update: Well I am still on the 17 day diet if you can believe it. I have lost so far a total of 12 pounds and still a couple of inches ( I do need to measure). I know I can do much better and now with the weather here in KC getting warmer I can get more outdoors things done. I mean now I can clean out my garage which really needs it. BAD!! LOL

Shabby Chic Bedroom update: I still need to finish painting one wall and then get to the fun stuff "decorating" I have a few ideas running through my head.

Blooming Bear show update: Well the Teddies Worldwide Blooming Bear show was this past weekend and it was wonderful. All of the Artists had a wide range of Bears and Critters for sale. They were great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did sell two of mine which was good! I am hoping to be in the next show coming up this July so stay tuned!!!

Website update: I am going to start working on my polymer clay dog breed pages soon. That is really all I have left to do. So again please keep checking my website for updates.

Now for the New News:

Kayla News: About a week or so ago I noticed she was holding up her back right leg and her foot was swollen. I mean limping and not even walking on it at all at times. Soooooooooooooo we made a trip to see her Doctor. I was not sure what had even happened. I mean Kayla is a very active Basset/Beagle and she gets into things all of the time inside and outside. "One pure little stinker all of the way". Well her Dr. checked her hip, leg and foot not really seeing or feeling any thing out of place. So she received some pain/anti inflammatory medicine. I kept her quit as possible and gave her the medicine. It cleared up and she was running through the house like nothing ever happened within a week. I am happy to report she is still running through the house and feeling great!!!!

Bear News: Some bad news on my bears. I have noted this before and now I am going to note this again. I am going to cut down on the bear making. I am in need of getting my older Bears to new homes due to that I am running out of storage room for them. So please visit Bearpile and my website to adopt.

Now I have some great news on my bears. I really can not cut down on them. I feel like I would be letting them down some how. Besides I really enjoy creating all of my bears. I have decided to design some new medium size bears with lower prices and making one a month. These guys are cute I have two sizes that will be available one is a 14" and the other 12". You have met one, his name was Theodore that made his debut in the Blooming Bear show.
I have been also experimenting on some 5" mini bears. Two of them also made there debut in the Blooming Bear show. I feel that I am in need of a change and a challenge. So for now this is the direction that I am going to go.

I am rethinking on were to sell these new little ones. I am not sure if I want to sell them on Bearpile or go another direction and sell direct from my website or blog or both. I know money is very tight for a lot of people including myself. So I am trying to be as cost effective to myself as well as my collectors.

I think to start the 2011 year I will sell from my blog for a while as a little test. In a couple of days the three that were not adopted from the online show and one or two more will be posted here on my blog with photos, descriptions and cost. You will be able to email me direct with questions and I will send a paypal invoice for there adoption at the time of comment. I will also post photos and a link on facebook and Teddy Talk.

I will have more information here on all links and available bears. We shall see how we do.

I will talk with you all in a few days!

Puppy kisses and Bear hugs!!!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blooming Bear show preview

Teddies Worldwide Blooming Bear Show preview starts today. Please stop by for a visit and see all the wonderful Bears and Critters that will be available on March 12 & 13.

My preview is Theodore pictured above. He will be available for adoption at the show.


Monday, February 21, 2011

I've Been a Busy Bee

I think it is time for a update, Don't you think?

Here it is!!! First off the diet was going quite well but like normal I have hit a road block and it is called what was I thinking!!! Really it has not been to bad I have lost 8 lbs and a couple of inches. So I am not doing too bad, but I am not doing too well either. There are just some days I just do not want to eat but I have always done that. Also the diet Dr. Pepper is getting in the way to, because I really do not like water. Oh and the excising is also an issue. Winter is a hard time to exercise. I am so ready for Spring so I can get out in the yard and play. Now it is time to drop all the excuses and get down to business again. Once I finish cycle 3 I will start over again with either cycle 1 the beginning or cycle 2 which is every other day of cycle 1. Yes you can do that. I can tell you that I have learned a lot from this book the 17 day diet. You really do not seem that you are on a diet at all. You are really learning to eat better food choices and in smaller portions. I have also found that I really like the ground turkey instead of lean hamburger. It just seems to taste better to me and of course it is better for you. I have also found that eating better I am sleeping much better and I have more energy as well.
I will say this I do not give up on anything easy or not at all so I am going to stick to my guns and get this weight off!!!!

Now to my shabby chic bedroom I have one wall left to paint and I can put everything together. I have found a few items to add to the decor as well. I still have a few pieces to get but I can get them as I go.

I have my bears done for the online Blooming Bear show in March. I might add one more not sure yet. I wish I could show you photos but you will have to wait. So Sorry!!! ;)

I have been working on a couple of other smaller projects as well. I am teaching myself how to crochet again. It has been a long time since I have done that. I mean like Jr. High School. Its a good thing I am a quick learner. Now if I can do that with knitting I should be sitting pretty. Again it has been a long time.

I do have another project swimming around in my head too, but it will be a surprise. I know my bad! LOL

Now I have a little story to tell you. I think everyone knows that I use copper coated BB's for weight in my bears and critters. I get them at Walmart or K-Mart or my wonderful Mother picks them up at garage sales. Ok I was at K-Mart the other night picking up a few items and some BB's. I got to the the register to check out and the lady there asked me for my birthday for the BB's. Yes, I was carded for BB's. The funny thing is that you have to be 16 years old to buy these things. It is the state law here in Missouri. Ok I am not 16 not even close. Not only that I do not want to go through my teenage years again. I am 48 I do not look 16 I mean really now I think that is too much. The real thing is that I am short, I mean only 5' 1". Ok yes I was this height at 16 too. So that has a lot to do with be carded. Sometimes it pays in a good way to be vertically challenged. I at least got a good laugh as well as my parents when I told them. Now I wish I was at least 24 again. That would be sweat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now my fur babies update. They are all doing grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!!! Shadow is being calm as usual. Lucky is being her old self which is good. Her paw is all healed up. and Kayla well she is being her normal little stinker self. So all is pawsitively purrfect!!!!

Well I think I have covered everything I hope at least.

Until next time,

Puppy kisses and Bear hugs,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Little Thistle giveaway

Please stop by The Little Thistle's blog for her wonderful give away. Time is running out so hurry!!!!!!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Out with the Old and in with the New!

Well I have been a busy little bee this past couple of weeks. As you know from my last post I had a to-do list. I have been dieting, working on my re-vamped website and re doing my bedroom to be a very nice and pretty Shabby Chic bedroom.

I have lost as of this morning 7 lbs and a few inches off the old tummy. I have uploaded my main pages on my new website and will be working on the others from time to time, so keep checking back for a peek. I have one wall left to paint in the bedroom and have my canopy made and almost ready to attach to the wall. New curtains are bought and hung up. I would say all in all I am on a roll.....................................

I am going to be working on a few bears in the coming weeks as well. I do have to get a couple more critters for the blooming bear show in March done.

I also want to mention that I will be making less bears this year. I really need to get adopted my little orphans on Bearpile so I can make more room for this years bears and critters. So please drop by and see my friends that are looking for new homes. There are a few of them on sale as well.

Well that is the update on my to-do list. I will keep everyone informed on the diet and weight loss. I will also post photos of my bedroom when it is done. I was so excited to get it started I forgot the before photos so I will only have the after ones for you to see. I will be making a bear for Valentine's day next week so I will post photos of him/her when ready.

If anyone has any comments or questions about my new website please let me know. I am always open to suggestions.

Puppy Kisses and Bear Hugs,


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Started New Diet

Well I have jumped right in and started the 17 day diet today. I am very excited and a little nervous. There are a few things you eat on this diet that I really do not eat-Vegetables. I am however going to give it my best to get them down. This as anyone knows who has started a diet is a big change in so many ways. I am ready!!! I am going to get a bit sentimental here so please bear with me. My Mom has had a double by-pass my Dad has diabetes my Grandmother's passed with heart disease so as you see it runs in my family. I am not on any medicine as of yet and I would like to keep it that way. I am 48 years old and NOW is the time to get in control. Besides it would not hurt a bit to be that HOT little chick!!!! You never know I might meet my future Husband. Well that I will have to think a bit on. :) You never know whats right around the corner do you?

Now a bit about the 17 day diet as seen on the Dr. Phil show. There are four 17 day eating cycles that you do. You eat certain foods for the first 17 days and then there after that you add new groups of food for the next 17 days and so on until you reach you goal weight. Then on the forth 17 day cycle you will maintain what you have been eating and eat what you like of course within reason. You exercise along the way that is a given.

I will update my progress just once a week to let you know how much weight is coming off or if I gain. I will also let you know how the food is after all I now have to cook instead of using those handy dandy TV dinners you pop in the microwave. LOL

I am now on my way to a more healthier ME!!!!!!

Puppy Kisses and Bear Hugs!!!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow means frozen paws and new boots

Well we have received about 7 inches of snow yesterday and now the temperature is dropping like a rock. I really don't mind the snow so much but the cold I hate. I dislike it even more for my two babies. They both love going outside but they seem to want to stay out after they have done there business. I have a hard time getting them to come back in anyway no matter if it is hot or cold. I went out this morning to shovel the deck off to give them a path and then I was going to shovel the driveway after that. While cleaning the deck the dogs were playing in the snow which is always cute to watch. I had just finished up and was getting ready to come in and I turned around and Shadow was already in distress. His feet were so cold that I could not get him on the deck. I tried to grab him but he kept turning around and backing up away from me and the deck. I finally got him, but by now he really could not walk, so he just sat down. I know that it does not take long for frost bite to set in and I have heard terrible stories about dogs frozen to the ground. OMG now I am in panic mode. I finally got him to the deck and pushed him up so he was out of the snow. I finally got him in the house and on the rug in the kitchen. As you can see from all of my photos he is not a small dog, he weighs 75 lbs that I can not lift. Kayla I can lift up and carry her in. This does happen every winter when it snows it is either Shadow or Kayla with the cold feet. They stand out there for just a minute to long and then are too cold to walk. They just hold there feet up one at a time. Most of the time I can get them to come to the door and get them in the house. This time was the worst I have ever had happened and now the last. Thank goodness he was alright. After I settled myself down from shear panic, I went out and shoveled the drive well about half of it. I went out later and finished it.

Now it is time for me to act on the frozen paws scare. I was going to go out and buy some doggie boots, but I thought maybe someone had a free pattern on the Internet. Bingo I found a couple of patterns. I gathered my supplies, fleece, ultra suede, Velcro and a few more items and went to work. I was not sure how this was going to go, but I do not think I did too bad for a quick job after all looks did not matter in this time of need. Now the true test was to come "Will he wear them". Lets see with a lot of cookies and praise - Oh yes he did wear them!!!!! I have such a good boy. They do need to be a bit longer and I think a little more stylish LOL but they really worked very well.

Check out the new stylin snow boots Dude!!! Where's mine Mom?

" Please take my picture too!!! I am such a pretty girl".
Kayla was not getting her attention today so she just sat down in front of me while I was taking photos of Shadow.
Look everyone my Mom made me some new snow boots so my feet won't get cold again. I am looking good NOW!!!

Shadow's snow boots made from fleece with ultra suede pad on the bottom. I have found that they do twist a bit when he walks. As you can see on one of his front feet the ultra suede pad is showing. I have found it is how you wrap the Velcro that makes a difference in the twisting. A easy fix.
I have decided to go out to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and get some more fleece and a few more supplies and make him another pair as well as a pair or two for Kayla. I might see if I can find another pattern for dog snow boots. I really think his need to be longer on his legs. I also think that they need two pairs each to change them out. I do know that they do keep his feet quit dry.
All in all they worked for what I needed them for and he is still letting me put them on him to go outside. Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow it will be Kayla's turn. I am thinking it is going to be a little bit harder with her. She is wanting to take off running with Shadow's while I am putting them on him. That's my girl! LOL Who knows she may just surprise me like Shadow did.
My little diva girl. :)

If anyone has any other ideas for me to try, please let me know.
Puppy Kisses and Bear Hugs,

Friday, January 7, 2011

* Sale* on Bearpile

Hi all,

I am having a sale on Please stop by and see Takoda, Feathers and Ash as well as a few more of there friends up for sale.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year and New Adventures

I want to say Happy New Year all!!!!

I am going to start the new year with new adventures-----------

I am going to start taking better care of me. I am going to get healthy and fit. I mean after all I am no spring chicken but I am not in too bad of shape either, but I do need to loose a little weight. I am going to start the 17 day diet (as seen on the Dr. Phil show) when my book gets here and see how that does. I hope I can do well my fear is that I am such a picky eater that I will not want to eat some of the food suggestions. I will keep an open mind though.

I am also going to get more organized. I am going to clean this house from top to bottom and get rid of the stuff that I do not need or want. I am also going to redo my bedroom. It is one of two rooms that I have left to do. I am going to go for the shabby chic style. I love old things any way so it just sounds like me. I already have a good start with my Grandma's antique iron bed that we painted white when I got it and with a little of the gold color that she had painted it shining through it says shabby chic.

I have also been thinking about giving my website a major face lift. I mean every thing new. Well it was a thought, now it will be a reality. For some strange reason I have lost all of my files in my website program. I mean there is nothing left. Oh don't worry you can still see it it is on my website server, but I will not be updating it until I rebuild it all over again. I know it will be a lot of hours to rebuild. So look for the new and improved Gone to the Dogs USA website coming soon.

I am also going to be reducing prices on some of my items on bear pile. I am going to need to sell to make room for the 2011 Bears and critters. Most will make there debute on the Blooming bears online show in March.

So as you see I have alot of new adventures coming up and more new adventures to come. Keep checking back often as I will be posting more on updates for the new year.

Puppy Kisses and Bear Hugs,