Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paws in the Park 2008

Howdy all its the 3rd Annual Paws in the Park dog walk in beautiful English Landing Park in Parkville Missouri.
Well its that time of the year for the 3rd annual paws in the park dog walk in Parkville Missouri. The walk benefit the Friends of Parkville Animal shelter. Now why I bet you are asking your shelf why does Sheryl go on these walks. Well for one I am a very big animal lover. I do support local and out of state shelters with my art work. The second biggest reason is that 3 years ago I adopted the cutest little 9 week old Basset/Beagle puppy named Kayla from the Parkville shelter and the rest they say is history. We have been walking since they started the walk of course 3 years ago. Kayla just turned 3 in August of this year so it is our way of celebrating her birthday and have some one on one time with Mom (ME). Her big brother Shadow stayed home and watched over the house. I bet he was saying to himself "I get to have time to myself to take a good long nap without little Sis bugging me.

OK so now we come to all of the pictures of the days events.

This is Kayla (left) my little girl and her real mother Shelby (right). They told me at the shelter that Dad was a traveling salesman so we have no idea what kind of gentleman he is. They both look alike in some was but then they are very different. Kayla does not have any black on her at all. But as you can see all of those spots on the legs are the dead give away on Mom and Daughter. Kayla has 1 sister and 4 brothers which I have not met yet. I hope to some day.

This is me and my little monkey Kayla. I didn't realize that her foster mom was taking the picture of me. Oh well! So I really look attractive all bent over. LOL

This is the walk way in the park it runs right along the Missouri River. The trees here are just begin to change colors which is a little early for this time of year.

Here is another view of the River looking across to the other side.

My poor little girl was so tired after the walk she had to get into the pool to soak her aching feet and of course to play a little bit as well.

Kayla checking out the activity around her.

Here are a few other folks walking around to the booths and visiting with friends and making new friends.

More peoples and puppies!!!

Well just to say that the days events were very nice. We had a wonderful time visiting with friends and meeting new ones. Looking forward to next years walk.
Talk to you all soon!

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