Wednesday, December 10, 2008

White Elephant party at work

Yesterday was our White Elephant party at work. Now for those of you who do not know what that is it is where everyone joining in brings a gift. It can be new or something you already have from your home. There is no limit on what you can bring. We try to keep the minimum amount to spend around $10.00. All of the gifts are set in the middle of the floor and each person will draw a number. The one with the number one will go and pick a gift from the pile in the middle of the room. They open the gift and show it off. Then the person with the number 2 will have a choice to steal the gift from the first person or open another gift from the pile. If they chose to steal the first gift from the first person that person needs to open another gift and the round is done. Now here is where things can get very interesting when each number is called that person has a choice on whether to take a gift from one of the ones that have been opened or open a new one from the pile in the middle of the floor. If they choose to steal then the person they stolen from either has to seal a gift or open a new one. Confused yet??????? The object of this really fun game is to steal a gift that you like from someone else. In turn that person steals a gift from another and then that person steals from still another and so on down the line. Each round ends when a person picks from the pile and then a new number is called and the stealing starts all over again. The game ends when the last gift is picked from the pile. Believe me you can go on and on with this game. The more people you have to play and the variety of gifts you have is what makes the game fun.
We had quit a few things that kept getting taken...a bottle of whine, gift cards, a snowman bowl, a very nice vase, a wood carved elephant head and what I got a dog treat cookie jar with peanut MM's inside. I know its not much but it was cute and I have 2 dogs and can always use another treat jar. I did not have one for the Holidays.!!!


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