Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Snow of 2009

Well we just had our first accumulating snow fall for 2009. I just finished shoveling my drive way and thought I would take a few photos. It looks like in my area we only got about maybe 4" of the white stuff and now it is really cold about 11 degrees out side now. At least the sun is shinning.

This is my house. I just finished shoveling out the drive way. Oh what fun that was !!!! Oh by the way my house is bigger than this looks, my evergreen tree to the left covers that side of the house. I should have stood out in the street to get a better view.

These are Yucca plants in my neighbors yard. They look pretty with the snow on them.

These geese just happen to fly by while I was out front. They said they had enough of the cold so off to the south they go.

This is my boy Shadow out in the back playing in the snow. This is the only time when it gets dark out side that I can see where he is in the yard. LOL

Here is Shadow and Kayla. They were playing in the snow before, but Kayla is too fast to take a photo when she is running around the yard. Those crazy dogs!!!!!!!!!

I hope to take some night photos of my Christmas lights outside. They are going to look pretty with the snow out there.
Talk with everyone soon.
Puppy kisses and bear hugs,

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