Sunday, December 19, 2010

One little girl in the Dog house!!!

Well I have been quite busy these days making last minute Christmas gifts for my customers as well as designing a new pattern.
As for the new pattern it is for a new critter which will make his depute in the online Blooming Bear Show in March. But this little guy has a story to tell.
I spent a full day working on this pattern. I finally got it done and cut out my fabric and hand stitched him all up. I was also helping my Dad with his computer over the phone when I heard Kayla up to something in the other room. I went to check and she had taken my new pattern off the coffee table and decided to be my little portable shredding machine and just had a hay day with it. I mean she had it strung out all over the place. I even think she ate some of it as well. I did rescue at least 3 pieces of this cute critter pattern, but that was it. I have to say she has a very bad habit of doing strange things when I am on the phone with anyone just to get my attention. Well needless to say she got my attention as well as my Dad's. I was screaming at her with the phone by my ear. I am surprised that my poor Dad did not loose his hearing.
It was also a good thing that she did not get a hold of the finished critter she would have been in the dog house for sure.
I did redo the pattern and kept the few pieces that she did not get a hold of and He is finished waiting for a new home come March.

So I am saying this now and again in March that this is a true ONE OF A KIND piece there will never be another one like it!!!

I will post a few of the items I am working on for my clay customers. It has been a couple of years since I have made any clay dogs. I must say I am a little out of practice, but it is coming back to me quickly. It is a nice change from the bears. I will get back to them after the first of the new year. I have a few more to do for the Blooming bear show March 12th & 13th. I am really looking forward to the show.

Talk with you all soon,


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