Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is Kayla..................

And this is a Bug - (A cicada to be exact)
AND THIS IS.............................................
If you are even a bit squeamish do not read this story.
As many of you know I tell stories about Kayla. Well this one is no different, well maybe a little different. As you all know if you have read my post's in the past I call Kayla my special little girl, one of a kind, unique and so on..................I know get to the point.
Every summer here in Missouri there are Cicadas (locusts) that come out from the ground and climb the trees and come out of there shells (we used to put the shells on our shirts as jewelry when we were kids) and then make the most annoying sounds. Well Kayla being a Basset/Beagle mix a Hound dog or scent hound which ever you prefer. Her natural instincts kick in when these start coming out of the ground to make there way up a tree. My great hound dog hunter goes into action. She searches the yard, trees, bushes, flowers, window sills (yes the bottom of window sills) and any other place she thinks they are hiding for these things. OK now I know what you are saying Big deal so she hunts Cicadas, Well she is not only hunting them just for there good looks!!!! (and by the way I think they are UGLY) NO she has made them her prime targets for outdoor snacks. Yes she eats these things like they are candy. I know she could eat worse things, (yes I could tell you what all she eats, but you can use your imagination) Now I know that in some parts of the world they are well lets just say good to some people and I have nothing against that, but sorry I am not in to eating bugs of any kind.
I know that you are asking are they OK for my dog to eat? They can be harmful to dogs if they eat more than a few of these critters, and I advise you to watch on how many your dog eats as it might upset there tummies and the wings of the Cicadas can get caught in your dogs throat. Check with your dogs Vet and you can check online as well if you have them in your area for more information.

I do not want everyone to worry I have checked with her Doctor and he does know that she eats them and has been for years now. I do watch her very closely and make sure she is not going overboard on her outdoor snacks. I do think it is a bit funny watching her hunt these critters down. Her mind is in one mode and that is get that bug!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure why dogs eat them, maybe they taste good or maybe it is the sound they make, or maybe because they fly but she likes them. I know she is happy and healthy so I don't mind if she wants a few. Besides there is no way I can get to her to get it out of her mouth, it is gone in about a second flat. And it's not like I can build a bubble around my house to keep these things out. They are God's creatures and they are out there for a reason. One is not for Kayla to have her fill of them though.
Oh and yes I have had a couple get into the house before. That is not fun at all for me but Kayla oh my! I am not afraid of any type of bug or animal but I can not stand to have Cicadas, June Bugs (Kayla eats these guys too), Water Bugs or Spiders (Shadow is allergic to them) or any bug for that matter in the house.
So the moral of the story is Kayla likes Cicadas and Me her Mom thinks she is one special Hound dog who brings love, joy and laughs into my life every minute of every day!!!!!
Until next time!!!
Puppy Kisses and Bear Hugs to all,
P. S. Love to my Shadow, Kayla and Lucky

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