Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Time to play catch up!!!!!

I think it is time that I let you all know what I have been up too. I have been a busy bee these past months doing new projects as well as finishing old projects and looking for full time employment.

This is going to be a long post, so grab some tea and treats and I hope you enjoy my post and photos.

First the new projects:

             These are my new hats that I have been working on. I love top hats and I thought these were the perfect size for some of my bears and a steampunk reborn doll that I will be working on in the future. You can find the wonderful free hat patterns here at fleece funs website at

Brown and Pink Top Hat

Spring Citrus Top Hat

Steampunk Top Hat

The Top Hat stands were made by my wonderful Wood Crafter "my Dad". I thought my hats needed to rest on top of hat stands and I know that the real ones were way to big so myself and my Dad came up with these, well my Dad did the designs not me LOL. He is sooooooooooo good at woodworking.  I am going to add some padding and fabric to the top part under the hat to give the stands a more finished look.

My other new project was to paint my kitchen. So I got it done finally after 16 years. It was all white, but on my 3/4 part wall was a really ugly brown color. So I had some paint left over from my studio room which is a medium camel color so I thought why not use that to paint the kitchen with. Walls are now the medium camel color and I have white cabinets that I left white. I love the colors together. Added touches of peach and blue items and it is now a updated kitchen without any money!!!!! Just left over paint and a major cleaning.

I did not take any photos, because I mainly forgot too. It is a pretty small kitchen and now it is a mess again. I do not know why it does not take long for things to get messing  after you clean and organize a room. LOL

My unfinished project, My bedroom. Yes after 16 years as well I wanted to paint my bedroom. It was a mauve color theme with white walls and I thought it was time to update it to Blue. Blue is my favorite color. So I bought some white satin paint and off I went. I wanted a shabby chic room so in a few posts back you can see some of the treasures that I got from some estate and garage sales to put in it.
Well I was not happy with just the white paint, I mean it looked good but it needed a bit more of color. So Ace hardware was giving away free quarts of paint and I thought I am not going to pass that up so I got a very pretty very pale blue and thought I would try some stripes. Now I am all for painting different styles on walls, but I have never done the stripes. I knew that it was not an easy thing to do because you have to measure and I am not one that likes to do that I love to eyeball everything. So with help from my Dad again we came up with the stripe width that I needed and off I went. Let me tell you that this stripping is a two man job, but I got her done. I was not impressed with what I had finished with one section of  the wall by my window. Not sure what my problem was, if it was the color I picked or the stripes so I left it for a couple of days and then decided to just go for it, it was only paint after all. I finished the whole room the other day and I must say I like it. I only did the top 3/4 of the walls so the bottom part is still all white. I really was not in the mood to move my bed again and I really did not want the whole wall striped. It is a pain to move furniture and I do not do it very often.

So here are some photos of my bedroom all painted. I still have a few things to add and change out, but those can wait until I decide what I want. I have a few lamps and lights to rewire too as well as the stool to recover.

This is the right corner of the far wall as you stand in the doorway. The curtains on the windows are White shears and a silk like valance. I thought the two different types of fabric in white looked a little victorianish.

This is the corner near my closet and door wall and yes I did not paint this wall because it is all original to the house with wood. I have a very hard time painting wood if it is original. There is glass windows above my curtains that I did strip the paint off years ago so it would let in more light.

 This is facing my bed on the no window wall. I made the bed canopy out of some window shears and a sheet that I just loved the colors in it.

 This is in the door way as you walk into the room. You can see the pale blue strips a bit better. I did not want them to be bright or bold.
This is from the opposite corner it gives you a better look at the strips and the colors of the room. Blue, White and a cream (off white).

It may not be a true Shabby chic room, but it is mine with added touches of old things that I love. Most everything in here was what I had Antiques and Vintage items mixed with some new and old new things from sales or given to me from family and friends. The total cost of the room I would say around $150.00 give or take a few dollars. It will always be a work in progress with the details of items, but I am very happy with the room, it is bright and happy.

Now that all the rooms in my house have been painted I am a happy camper!!!!!!!!!!!
Now time to get rid of some things that I no longer need and get the other bedroom and my studio organized again. Yes all of the things I did not want or moved out of other rooms went into the spare bedroom and my studio so they are both a big mess. A never ending cycle. LOL

More projects to finish:
I have a couple of Pandas that I started that need to get finished as well as a Reborn doll that I wanted to do in Steampunk style. I know I have more things that need to be finished. The list goes on and on and on. Now that it is spring here in Kansas City I have yard work to add to my to do list. Just so much fun here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!

I also wanted to say that Kayla, Shadow and Lucky are doing great. Kayla and Shadow had there yearly vet visits last October and December and all tests were normal. Well normal as in no medical issues, not sure about there mental issues. We all no Kayla and her little antics that she pulls. As for Shadow and Lucky, well they are getting up there in years so they really don't mind about to much of anything anymore. I can not belive that my Kitty, Lucky will be 19 this July and Shadow will be 15 in October. It seems like yesterday they were a little pup and kitten. All three are healthy and happy and that is all that matters to me.

Well I had better get off here and get something done. I mean its not like I don't have anything to do. LOL

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New Bears and Friends coming soon to Bearpile, so keep checking back often.

Until next update,

Puppy kisses and Bear hugs,


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Your bedroom looks a delight. I'm sure the kitchen does as well.
Most of all the top hats are a real buzz.