Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time to catch up!!!!!! UPDATE 2-10-09

Well since my last post a lot has been going on. As you all know by now Shadow is doing well after having 2 of his teeth removed.

I have finally got my new Internet service up and running.

The bad news is last Friday my little Kayla girl got sick and I was sick as well. I took her to the vets Friday because she was not breathing very well. Well the x-rays told us she had some fluid on her lungs. OK now let me explain, Kayla is a one of a kind dog if there is something she can get into or catch she does. She has had this before like last January. So far she has bounced back with the antibiotics that she is taking. The only question is what is causing this to happen now for the second year in a row. The doctors do not hear a heart murmur or indicate that it could be caused by her heart which is a good thing. So the mystery is ..................................going to be just that a mystery.

She also gets at least twice a year in the summer an intestinal infection. We take our meds for that and all is well. Again here is another mystery. I have had blood tests and a few other tests done on her. They all check out normal. OK normal she is not, but very SPECIAL she is :). I feel that if all her test come back as normal and she is happy and in no pain then we can live with a few road bumps. I still do have that question to as "Why is she getting sick?" in the back of my head. There has to be something wrong somewhere right??? but then again as some people and other animals maybe it is just how things are going to be. What is most important is that she is doing great we go back to the Vets this Friday so he can take another x-ray and hope that her lungs are all clear.

Please if any one has any suggestions or comments I would love to hear them.

Will keep you posted,

Until next time,

UPDATE 2-10-09

Well Kayla went to see her Vet last Friday and all looked good. He said he does not hear a Heart Murmur. Good News!!!!!!!
She was feeling still a little under the weather Sunday, but oh boy yesterday she was back to her old self. Just like a little kid into everything. All you could hear is me say Kayla leave the cat alone, stay out of the trash, you don't need another cookie, stay out from under neath the deck, I think you get the picture. And then all of that back talk (which is multiple bays and howls and barks) which was music to my ears!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time

Hugs and Kisses
Sheryl, Shadow, Kayla and Lucky

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