Friday, February 20, 2009

Shadow and Kayla

Hi all,

Just thought I would pop in and show off my two trouble makers. (not really I'm just kidding)

Shadow is to the right and looking like the dapper old gentleman that he is and kayla little miss Prissy down and on the left (yes you have to look down as she is half the size of her big bo). This picture reminds me of me and my Brother and I really have to laugh because my brother is over 6' and I am just little over 5'. The only thing is I am older than my brother so my nephew still thinks because I am shorter then I am younger than he is. What a great nephew I have. LOL!
I know that has nothing to do with Shadow and Kayla right.

This is looking up on my very messy deck. I have a lot of things stored up there for the winter. I hope by the end of March I can put things back out. I am so ready for Spring!!!!!!!!!

Yes this is the classic AHHRRROOOOOO!!!!!! from Kayla. She is very much letting me know that it was time to get that cookie I had in my hand. Shadow is just waiting like a true champ.

And here is Kalya looking at the kids playing ball in the yard behind my neighbors. Yes her little bottom is sitting on the step above.

They are just so much fun and they are really a joy to have in my life.
Talk with you all soon,
Bear hugs and puppy kisses,

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Nancy D said...

I was going through some of the blogs on 100 best bear artists blogs and your pups caught my eye. I can actually hear Kayla in that one pic.The picture reminded me of one I took of a Lab and Dachshund I had in the 80s. I also sympathize with the vet visits. My 2 current doxies are senior citizens and have senior health issues. This is the link to the pic of the Lab & Dachshund

Nancy(Dog Patch Critters)