Friday, April 9, 2010

3 months in review and catch up

Well, I see that I have some catching up to do here on my blog. So we are going to do the last three months review.

January- Well let me see first off it has been cold and snowing. Oh Boy!!!!!!!!!! I am so ready for winter to be over with.
Next Kayla has been sick again. This time something new not her breathing issue this time. It seems this time she has been eating or taking in more than she has been passing out the other end so to speak. The emergency vet gave her some liquid medicine that you give with a syringe (with out the needle). I thought she would not like, because to me it smelled nasty, but come to find out (of course) she liked the stuff. I lost my head and was not sure what I was thinking. This is a dog that eats anything you know. So after a few days and my scare wore off she was doing much better. All in all that is pretty much for January.

February-Lets see I have been designing and making new larger bears with and without open mouths. I have also made a new smaller version of my open mouth bears as well. They sure have been a big hit. I have enjoyed meeting my new collectors. It has been great to be able to create my bears.
I am still out of work and looking for a new job. A year being without work is coming up quick. It does get depressing at times but I know that I have to keep going and in between keep myself busy with other things and of course my BEARS.
Kayla has been doing great we made it through this month without any illness. I am so doing the happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March- It has warmed up a bit and the flowers are starting to peek out of the ground and then we got a March snow storm at the end of the month. That was great. we got about 6"of the old white stuff. Winter just wants to keep hanging on and I know we all want it to go away.
Kayla made it another month. Doing the happy dance again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still creating bears as well.
Other than that it has been pretty quite around here.

This has been your 3 month in review. Now I am going to start fresh with a new post for April.

Talk to you soon.


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