Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April showers bring.......................

Severe Thunderstorms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week we had some some rain, of course its springtime in April. Well this one was not your ordinary storm it had hail and I mean a lot of hail. I have not seen it hail that much in a long time. It was pretty small, maybe around dime size and a little smaller, but it was loud. There was no way I was going to be pelted standing out in this so I took some photos from my garage standing in the door way.

hail in my front yard around my spring flowers.

If you look close the street and parking a lot are white. It hailed so hard and fast it covered the streets making them white within a matter of 5 minutes.

This is out on my back deck. The dogs had already walked over the hail after it stopped. The white stuff on my swing is hail as well. It took 24 hours for all of the hail to totally melt off the deck in one spot.

Another front yard view. If you look close at my evergreen tree you can see white spots which is the hail bouncing off my gutters on the house. Also the street is covered white.

This is the second bad storm we have had so far. The first one had a lot of wind with it. I had let the dogs out and within a matter of 5 minutes my dogs where at the back door wanting in quickly. Well the rain was coming down hard and with the wind it was blowing the rain straight at them and the side of the house which faces west. I have not seen my dogs run back to the door and want in so fast. I had a little chuckle because they were both pretty much flat up against the door wanting in out of the rain and wind. I keep both of them in when it is bad out side. Kayla has no problem at all with storms. If she had her way she would be out in them just walking around the yard. My poor Shadow on the other hand does not like the thunder, it just drives him crazy. All he does is pace around the living room. It is no fun at all for him. I did find a couple of things that does calm him down a bit, one is we play with his tennis ball. It works for a while but then he starts in again on the pacing. The other is I give both dogs some peanut butter in there bone and kong ball. It gives the storm time to pass and keeps Shadow calm.
I love spring with all of the flowers coming up and the grass getting green and leaves coming out on the trees, but when you live in Kansas City, Missouri and spring time turns to all of the severe storms it is not fun. We also live in the area they call tornado alley which makes all of the storms a little more intense. It does get a little scary around here when these bad storms pop up. I have lived in this area all of my life so I know what I need to look at and what needs to be done to keep safe. Also I can tell by Shadow just how bad a storm is going to be. Animals are a good indicator on storms in the Spring time.
Until next time,
Puppy kisses and bear hugs,

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