Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year and New Adventures

I want to say Happy New Year all!!!!

I am going to start the new year with new adventures-----------

I am going to start taking better care of me. I am going to get healthy and fit. I mean after all I am no spring chicken but I am not in too bad of shape either, but I do need to loose a little weight. I am going to start the 17 day diet (as seen on the Dr. Phil show) when my book gets here and see how that does. I hope I can do well my fear is that I am such a picky eater that I will not want to eat some of the food suggestions. I will keep an open mind though.

I am also going to get more organized. I am going to clean this house from top to bottom and get rid of the stuff that I do not need or want. I am also going to redo my bedroom. It is one of two rooms that I have left to do. I am going to go for the shabby chic style. I love old things any way so it just sounds like me. I already have a good start with my Grandma's antique iron bed that we painted white when I got it and with a little of the gold color that she had painted it shining through it says shabby chic.

I have also been thinking about giving my website a major face lift. I mean every thing new. Well it was a thought, now it will be a reality. For some strange reason I have lost all of my files in my website program. I mean there is nothing left. Oh don't worry you can still see it it is on my website server, but I will not be updating it until I rebuild it all over again. I know it will be a lot of hours to rebuild. So look for the new and improved Gone to the Dogs USA website coming soon.

I am also going to be reducing prices on some of my items on bear pile. I am going to need to sell to make room for the 2011 Bears and critters. Most will make there debute on the Blooming bears online show in March.

So as you see I have alot of new adventures coming up and more new adventures to come. Keep checking back often as I will be posting more on updates for the new year.

Puppy Kisses and Bear Hugs,

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