Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March updates and New News!!!!

Well since my last post a lot has gone on so now it is time for a Update and also some new this post is going to be a bit long bear with me please.


Diet Update: Well I am still on the 17 day diet if you can believe it. I have lost so far a total of 12 pounds and still a couple of inches ( I do need to measure). I know I can do much better and now with the weather here in KC getting warmer I can get more outdoors things done. I mean now I can clean out my garage which really needs it. BAD!! LOL

Shabby Chic Bedroom update: I still need to finish painting one wall and then get to the fun stuff "decorating" I have a few ideas running through my head.

Blooming Bear show update: Well the Teddies Worldwide Blooming Bear show was this past weekend and it was wonderful. All of the Artists had a wide range of Bears and Critters for sale. They were great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did sell two of mine which was good! I am hoping to be in the next show coming up this July so stay tuned!!!

Website update: I am going to start working on my polymer clay dog breed pages soon. That is really all I have left to do. So again please keep checking my website for updates.

Now for the New News:

Kayla News: About a week or so ago I noticed she was holding up her back right leg and her foot was swollen. I mean limping and not even walking on it at all at times. Soooooooooooooo we made a trip to see her Doctor. I was not sure what had even happened. I mean Kayla is a very active Basset/Beagle and she gets into things all of the time inside and outside. "One pure little stinker all of the way". Well her Dr. checked her hip, leg and foot not really seeing or feeling any thing out of place. So she received some pain/anti inflammatory medicine. I kept her quit as possible and gave her the medicine. It cleared up and she was running through the house like nothing ever happened within a week. I am happy to report she is still running through the house and feeling great!!!!

Bear News: Some bad news on my bears. I have noted this before and now I am going to note this again. I am going to cut down on the bear making. I am in need of getting my older Bears to new homes due to that I am running out of storage room for them. So please visit Bearpile and my website to adopt.

Now I have some great news on my bears. I really can not cut down on them. I feel like I would be letting them down some how. Besides I really enjoy creating all of my bears. I have decided to design some new medium size bears with lower prices and making one a month. These guys are cute I have two sizes that will be available one is a 14" and the other 12". You have met one, his name was Theodore that made his debut in the Blooming Bear show.
I have been also experimenting on some 5" mini bears. Two of them also made there debut in the Blooming Bear show. I feel that I am in need of a change and a challenge. So for now this is the direction that I am going to go.

I am rethinking on were to sell these new little ones. I am not sure if I want to sell them on Bearpile or go another direction and sell direct from my website or blog or both. I know money is very tight for a lot of people including myself. So I am trying to be as cost effective to myself as well as my collectors.

I think to start the 2011 year I will sell from my blog for a while as a little test. In a couple of days the three that were not adopted from the online show and one or two more will be posted here on my blog with photos, descriptions and cost. You will be able to email me direct with questions and I will send a paypal invoice for there adoption at the time of comment. I will also post photos and a link on facebook and Teddy Talk.

I will have more information here on all links and available bears. We shall see how we do.

I will talk with you all in a few days!

Puppy kisses and Bear hugs!!!


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