Sunday, August 26, 2012

last bunny update and a new vister, Now What???

Well I thought I would give everyone a update on the Baby Bunnies. It has been over a week now and I have only seen Momma Rabbit out back. I have seen a few predators lurking about as well. One of which roams the sky, a Falcon. While I was out with Kayla one morning a Falcon flew over our heads. Not sure how long he had been out flying over, but he was scoping us out for sure.  Another morning our neighborhood stray cat a very large orange tabby was out and about. I have seen this cat before not sure who it belongs too either. Anyway I am not sure where the 3 little ones are, but I have a feeling that one just might be under my deck and another one out somewhere else in the yard. Momma keeps hanging around the deck so I would say there is either a baby there or she has a new nest somewhere else in the yard. I hope it is under my deck I know Kayla can not get under there.
Now not only are there other critters hanging around my yard such as Raccoons, Opossums and Squirrels this one I have never seen in all the years I have lived here. A Groundhog or Woodchuck which ever you would like to call him. Again I was out with Kayla and I saw this big fur ball of a critter in my neighbors yard and thought to myself what on earth is that. Of course Kayla saw it and was howling like the hound dog that she is. The next thing it went running up the tree. Now to my surprise I then said to myself what the @#$E$#@!!!!!  I have seen groundhogs, but I have never seen one climb a tree. I thought I had really lost it. I mean lost my mind totally. I hooked Kayla up outside so she could keep howling at it so it would stay up on the tree limb I just had to take a photo so everyone would believe what I saw. I ran inside and got my camera. I just had him in focus when he came back down the tree onto the ground. I had him in focus again when missy Kayla howled and he ran toward the street out of my sight. I still thought I was seeing things and I was losing it. LOL I did check the internet about Groundhogs and they do climb trees. A couple of days went by and Kayla and I were outside and I looked over a few doors down into another neighbors backyard and there to my surprise was my new friend. Again I went in and got my camera and this time I zoomed in on him and got the photo below. He was not in the tree, but he was having a nice snack of apples as you can see.
Living in the city does not keep the wildlife away, which is sad because this is there world not ours. I think this guy came from down the street which there are some woods and a creek. I have never seen one up by my house before. I am sure he is still roaming around due to the apples he found and there is a pear tree behind my other neighbors house. Good eating for him I would say!!!!!!!!!!!
He is a pretty cute little guy if I have to say so myself. At least I know he is afraid of Kayla as well as me so that is a good thing.

Now if anything bigger shows up I am out of here...........................................I am packing up and they can have my yard and the house. LOL

As for the Baby Bunnies just because I have not seen them lately, does not mean something bad happened to them. We just all need to keep our chins up and maybe one will pop up soon for me to see. I am sure they are out there somewhere..............

Until next time

Puppy Kisses and Bear Hugs,


P.S. I love and miss you (Bugsy) Shadow!!!!!!

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Kays Kids said...

I love your creatures post. We don't have Groundhogs here so it is good to see a photo. I'm sure the little bunny would be hiding some where. He probably comes out at night to feed to keep himself safe.