Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm the worried Dog Mommmy UPDATE!!!!

Well off to the Vets office................

Well it was a not so wonderful Monday for me to start out.

Last Friday after coming home from work I noticed my Basset/Beagle Kayla was trying to eat something like she normally does ( my little hoover vacuum) so I got it away from her to see that it was my Lab Shadow's tooth that had been split off. I watched him all weekend and decided to call to make an appointment for him to see the Vet tomorrow, but looking at him this morning I thought it would be best to get him in today. Being that he is 11 years old I did not want an infection to set in. I had the worst time leaving him at the Vets. I know what a big baby I am. Well the truth of the matter is is that he is my baby boy and the first dog I have had of my own since moving out of my parents house well over 20 years ago. I do not have any kids but my fur kids so the mother hen that I am I worry all the time about them. So the tears started to roll down my cheeks as soon as I was in the car driving to work. All kinds of things roll through my head like, does he have something else wrong, is it going to bad news, you know anything bad comes in mind and you think it. I am sure I am not along about this. So then my mind went to Kayla Oh my goodness she hates to be left by herself so there is the guilt in leaving her as well. Again there is that mother hen business again. I will have to say that when the dogs are sick I do get them taken care of as soon as possible. Kayla was sick over a week ago so off to the Vets with her. They are both in good health except the allergies and a few other minor strange illnesses that are curable with meds. I do thank God for that. I want them to live long happy lives.

Well the Vet called and said Shadow's blood work looked really great and that we decided to get them teeth cleaned and if any of them needed to be pulled that would be done as well. I pick him up on my way home from work. Happy days!!!!!!! I think more for me than Shadow. I am sure all he will want to do is sleep. On the other hand Kayla is really going to give me an ear full for leaving her all day by herself. She is one of the most vocal dogs I have ever seen and believe me when I say she will let me here about it AHHRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Well that is just a day in my life with my dogs. Never a dull moment.
That is what makes life full of fun along with a few tears.

Until next time


Well the Vets decided they wanted to keep my Shadow overnight. So today after work I can go and get him.
It was not easy leaving him there, but I want to make sure just like the Doctors that he is OK.

Kayla on the other hand was not happy with me leaving her alone or not having her big brother Shadow at home. She is a little better today a little sad I think, but she is just fine.
We will all be back to normal this afternoon.

Until later,


UPDATE 2-2-09
Well it has now been a week since Shadow's teeth have been cleaned and 2 teeth pulled. He is doing great. He is eating much better and is now wanting to play which is more like his normal self. I do think the missing teeth are a bit of a bother, but I know he will get used to that.
I am glad the have my big boy back to normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs to all,

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