Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've been AWOL

Well I thought it was time to catch you up on what has been going on in my neck of the woods.

First off let me start by saying both dogs Shadow and Kayla and my pretty kitty Lucky are all doing great "knock on wood". Shadow's mouth is all healed up and all medicines are all gone. Kayla has been her little stinker self. You know getting into things like steeling my socks, taking trash out of the trash can and tearing it up. Now days she is dragging things that are under the bed like paper stickers and toys that my niece and nephew when they were younger dropped under there. OK that might tell you that I have not cleaned under that bed in years since my niece is now 15 and my nephew is now 11. LOL I guess with Kayla around who needs to clean it out when she is doing such a great job herself. The only thing is that she keeps getting stuck under there, it is not a very high bed and she well lets just say she does not have that little girlish figure that she should. I mean after all she is a Basset/Beagle mix. So I have to grab them back legs and pull her back out. It is really funning to see!!!!!!!!!! Just get this mental picture in your head of Kayla baying away under the bed trying to reach what ever she is after. Then Mom comes to the rescue and pulls her out just to find out that she is back under there again 10 minutes later doing the same thing. She is a hoot let me tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been cleaning a little here and there, but was side tracked when I needed to get over to my neighbors to dig up her plants so I could plant them in my yard. My neighbor was a great older lady who I really looked up to. She passed away a year ago this past January and I have dearly missed her so. Her kids have been cleaning and going through the house and her son wants to clean up the yard. I mean he wants to mow everything down and turn it back into grass. That is fine but .......... let me start by saying she has a great flower garden. I mean flowers from Spring to fall all over her yard. So the family took the plants that they wanted and gave me permission to dig what I want, but I only have a couple of more weeks "I hope" before they are toast. The weather has not been to great it is either raining or even snowing the past couple of weeks so it has been to wet and cold to dig. Just the thought of all of those flowers that my neighbor has put all that hard work and love into just go by the way side tears me up. I have lived at my house for 15 years and have watched her take so much pride in her flower garden.
I know as soon as it is a little warmer I will start digging again. I will get what I can and hope they will do great in my yard. I know I will have an angel from heaven watching out for them in my new flower gardens.

Back to my Bears:
Here is my newest little bear. Her name is Breena a little fairy bear. She is the smallest bear I have made to date at a height of 9". She is still available at the moment through me so if any one is interested please email me and I will email more photos.

I took a short break from my bears and clay dogs and signed up for a doll class:
This sweet little girl is my first Cloth and Clay doll I made in Jane DesRosier's class on Cloth and Clay dolls.ning.com. I have a link to the site on the right side of my blog.
She is made with paper clay and cloth. I had a great time making her and plan on making a couple more. Also I plan on making a few other different types of dolls in the future so keep checking my blog and website. I might even offer them for sale at a later date. But if anyone is interested in one please contact me.

I think I am caught up for now. I am sure I have more to say but I just can't think of anything at this time.
Please stop by as more fun and exciting things happen on a daily basses in my neck of the woods.
Until next time.
Bear hugs and puppy kisses,

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