Monday, May 4, 2009

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers

Well I have been the busy little bee lately. As from my last post I have been digging and planting flowers from my neighbors yard for the past 4 weeks in between the tons of ran we have been getting. I have now filled up 3 of my flower beds (that did not have much in them to start with) in the front yard and still have lots more to dig up and plant. I still have the whole backyard to put them in but it is a wet, muddy mess so I can't do to much with it right now. We are still in for more rain this week (like every other day) UGH!!
There really is not a whole lot left in the one flower bed in the front that my neighbors son wants to get rid of. He wants to plant grass seed and let it go back to being a yard. That is better than what I had thought he wanted to do (like get ride of all of the flowers his Mom had). Believe me she has tons of flowers in the front and back yard. I still have a big bed of Daylilies to dig up and plant that are going in my backyard, but I still have time to get that done before they sell the house.
I do want to say that since my neighbor passed away a year ago that me digging and planting her flowers in my yard gives it very special meaning to me. A sort of a healing process since she has been gone. I look over there every morning as I am leaving for work hoping to see her smiling and waving to me as I leave, but she is not there. I do feel that she is smiling and waving and watching out for me from above and knowing that her lovely flowers will remain in my yard and hers for all to see.
Now if I can be able to keep the dogs from eating and digging up the flowers in the back yard when I get them planted I should have a really good start to a very pretty flower garden around my house.

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