Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My little pup Kayla is sick

Well my little dumpling Kayla was sick last Thursday. I had heard her at 12:30 in the morning sick so I got up to check on her and to clean up when I noticed she was having a hard time breathing. So off to the Emergency Vets we went. Now if you have been following in the past she has done this before and as you all know that the Vets have been saying something is wrong with her heart. In which I keep replying no she is to active and young to have heart problems. I feel in my gut that there is nothing wrong with her Heart. Anyway again he took an x-ray and said that she had an enlarged heart and water on her lungs and gave her a shot and some medicine. I brought her back home and thinking this is going to be a long night. She also has other problems that go along with being able not to breath. They are almost like fainting spells but not. The medicine did not start working until around 4:00 A.M. so I decided to take her to her regular Vet at 7:30. I watched after her until then but seeing my poor little one having these strange attacks is really scary when you do not know what is causing them and know what to do for her to make her comfy. By the time we needed to leave she was doing a little better, but I still wanted her Vet to watch her for the day to see what she was doing. When we got to see him he pretty much said take her to the Heart specialist he could not do anything else for her. Well I was none to happy about that due to the fact that it was about a 45 min drive and she is known for almost passing out and it was raining to boot. So off we went to gather up x-rays and her records for me to take. We left there and of course about 10 minutes away from the place she started to have a spell. I am holding on to her with one hand kind of shaking her and talking to her so she could come out of it. Again very scary!!!!!!!!!

We made it there so her and I checked in and was told if she had another spell to let them know. Of course she did and they came up and took her to the back ASAP. I know it was much better for them to have her back there where they can keep an eye on her. I had spoke to the nurse a couple of times letting me know Kayla was doing fine and she was resting. Finally about 1:00 in the afternoon I got to see the Cardiology Doctor. He had good news and bad of course, but what the good news was that my little Kayla had nothing wrong with her Heart It was NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (To be honest that was really all I heard him say) She also did not have any fluid in her lungs on any of her past x-rays but it was inflammation of some form. That was the bad news he did not know why her lungs were inflamed. He also said that if she was a Cat she would be considered to have Asthma. Well now what........He wants us to run more tests to eliminate any other form of disease.
I have second thoughts about that, because I do believe deep down inside and in my Heart that there is nothing wrong with her. I know she has inflammation in her lungs and I think even though she is a dog she does have some form of Asthma and yes there is something causing it. The Heart doctor gave me some prednisone for when she has another episode. Which again it comes on with out warning at any time of the year. What is very strange is that she now has the Heart Doctor stupped as well as her regular Vet. (I have to laugh inside and say I told you so)

These wonderful doctors do not know Kayla and how she is being what I call her normal, but they are going by what I say and what they see. She is a very active little 3 yr old Basset/Beagle always looking for things to get into too, back talking her Mom (me) very vocal, playing with big Bro Shadow, cruising around the yard, eating anything that she finds inside or out. She even goes non-stop when she is sleeping dreaming away with her legs and feet twitching as if she is running after a squirrel or rabbit.

She is back to her normal now for sure doing all the things I just mentioned above. I really consider her my very Special little one and am not looking at her as being sick or has any crazy disease she is just Kayla!!!!!! Oh don't worry I will have the additional tests done but the Doctor says that she should be OK and we can do them at our leisure. He does want an x-ray of her lungs in her normal state which is a great idea because they would have something to compare to and it might answer a few questions about the inflammation on whether it is always present or not. In the mean time I have checked on the Internet and I have found a few things saying that dogs do get Asthma but it is not common. Anyway I will have to talk to her Vet and see where we go from here. I am also looking around at home and in the yard for anything possible that might trigger her attacks. I am going to start a little journal as well to keep track of what she eats and what I do such as cleaning house and what I use to clean with and so on.... Maybe and hopefully I can find that trigger.

In the mean time she is back to her old self and her Heart is normal in every way!!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing that big old happy dance now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will keep you all posted!!!

Until next time

Puppy kisses and bear hugs,


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