Friday, March 13, 2009

Shadow update with Good news

Hi all,

If you have been following me along Shadow my handsome black lab had two teeth pulled last month. Well his mouth had an infection so we have been going back weekly to the Vets. Yesterday was the last visit. I am happy to say the infection is gone and the bump under his chin has gone down as well. It looks like he is back to normal. He even gained another pound he is now up to 70lbs. I am so glad he is better. Doing that Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully he will not need to go back until his regular check up and shots in October.

Now I do have miss Kayla to worry about it is coming up on that time of the year she gets into trouble. If anyone here does not know Kayla is my Basset/Beagle mix. Her little nose gets her into trouble all of the time. As a matter of fact yesterday she had something in that mouth of hers. So I had her bring it to me so I could see what it was. Well she had been over by my big Maple tree peeling off the bark and that is what she was caring around and brought to me. A very lovely piece of bark fresh off the tree. I told her thank you and off inside we went. She brings me presents all of the time. I am so glad that I have taught her to bring things to me and drop them in my hand. I will say sometimes the things she does bring you do not want them in your hand at all. Now let your imagination take over on what some of those things might be. UGH!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more!!!!!!!!!!

Now if we can all get through this summer with out any trips to the Vets I will be on cloud nine.

Until next time,

Bear hugs and puppy kisses,

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