Friday, March 6, 2009

update for Shadow 3-5-09

Well all Shadow had his check up yesterday at the Vets. She said that his mouth looked really good and that he does not need to take any more antibiotics. She does want to see him again next Thursday since he is going to be off the medicine. What a great big sigh of relief for me. He still has the bump under his chin, but it could be from the scare tissue and it is just taking a little longer for that to heal or it may never go away. Oh and he did gain 1 lb. Just a note: he weighed 83 pounds last September and had dropped down to 67 lbs from those nasty bad teeth. So with him gaining the pound I was quite happy. I think he needs to put on just a couple of more though.

All in all I have my great big lovable happy boy back to normal.

Until next time

Big bear hugs and sloppy doggie kisses,


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